With MRA Video users can create an automatically generated video of their routes and tracklogs, share them in a fun way and see them in their profile. Watch our trailer here for a glance of MRA Video! 

You will find MRA Video under your 'Profile'.

How does it work?

Once you have opened the 'Video' page, you will see an overview of all your created videos. Here is also the possibility to create a new video. 

  • Click on 'Add new video' to create a new video.

You will then receive a pop-up menu in which you will be given the following options:

  1. Choose whether you want your tracklogs or your routes to be shown in the left column.
    Tracklogs are the registrations you have made with MyRoute-app Mobile or MyRoute-app Navigation of a journey you have driven.
    Routes are the route files from your MyRoute-app route list.
  2. Here is the list of tracks/routes from your lists. Here you can select the desired route or track from which you would like to make a video. 
  3. Finally, click on the 'Select and render' button. The video will now be made for you. This may take a while (duration depends on the length of the route).

The result

After a short wait (depending on the length of route/tracklog), the video will be shown in the overview. You can then play and watch it. 

The icons in the lower grey bar of the video are the following options, from left to right:

  • Play/Pause the video;
  • Adjust the sound volume of the music;
  • View the duration of the video and rewind it if desired;
  • Activate the 'Picture-in-picture' function;
  • Open the screen in full size.

Nice to know!

  • For tracklogs, recorded 'Moments' with photos are automatically included in the video. This is zoomed in.
  • For routes, route points that contain a description are zoomed in.
  • You can easily share the video with the button below. You can share on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and with a link. Finally, it is also possible to download the video, so the video can be used in, for example, an extensive holiday video!

How do I get this opportunity?

MRA Video is a separate subscription that can be purchased in the MyRoute-app shop. If you have a MRA All-in-One subscription, MRA Video is automatically included. 

If you do not yet have these subscriptions, you will receive the page shown below after clicking on 'Video' in your profile. On this page are some examples of the result of MRA Video. You can purchase your subscription using the buttons indicated.