At MyRoute-app we offer different tools to solve questions and problems. Anyone can post and read messages on the forum (see Manual 'Forum'), consult manuals and look at the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If the answer cannot be found here, MyRoute-app Gold users can create a support ticket for a personal answer. The support team will reply within two working days. 

The different aspects are explained below. 

On the support page, you will see the MyRoute-app Knowledge Base where different manuals are shown per category. This also includes a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

In addition, this is where MyRoute-app Gold users can create a support ticket and check the status of their ticket. 

1. Knowledge Base - Here you will find a list of the different categories of manuals that we have created specifically to help you get to know MyRoute app. Frequently asked questions are also dealt with here. 

2. Search bar - Here you can search for a topic about which you have a question. It can't hurt to use different search terms and look through some things quickly to find your answer. 

MyRoute-app Gold users have access to our ticket support system. If you cannot find the answer to a specific question related to MyRoute-app in the manuals or on the forum, please contact our ticket support staff. 

3. New support ticket - If you have a personal problem for which the answer cannot be found in the Knowledge Base, as a Gold user you can create a ticket which will be answered by the support team within two working days. Please make sure to include in this message:

  • A clear problem description. Think about: which product, what goes wrong, what do you want to achieve.
  • As much relevant related information as possible such as your current internet browser, software versions, etc.
  • A screenshot showing the problem helps the support staff considerably!

4. Ticket status - Here you can view the status of your open ticket(s).