In MyRoute-app it is possible to export your created routes directly to your navigation system. You can do this by using our connector tool. You install the connector once (updates may be necessary in between) and then you can use it for each route. 

If you would like to know more about installing the connector, please see the Manual 'Installing Connector' - Windows & MacOS.

Exporting a route to your navigation system

First of all, it is important that your navigation system is connected to your computer. Are you in doubt whether the navigation system is connected? You can check whether the computer and the navigation device are connected by checking whether your navigation device is shown in your explorer. Some navigation devices have an 'Import routes' functionality. Make sure you have these on when exporting your route from your computer. 

  • Connect your navigation device to your computer with the USB cable;
  • Open the route in the MyRoute app;
  • Click on 'Export' at the top right

For more information see: What to do if the navigation system is not found?

The 'Export to device' screen

The screen below will be shown. Here you will also be told what to do. 

  • A. If you are going to use the connector for the first time on this device, you will need to install the connector first. Click the button with the operating system you are using. Click here for more information on installing the connector.
  • B. If you have already installed the connector, proceed directly to the next steps: Click on 'Open route'.

  • Your browser will then receive a pop-up (protocol request). Here you click on 'accept', 'launch application' or something to that effect.
  • The connector tool will now open in an extra window. This may take a few seconds.
    1. Select the correct route type for your navigation system.
    2. Next, click on 'Export route'/'Export to device' to start the export.
  • Check that your navigation device has received the route you have chosen.  



For more information on exporting to various specific navigation devices, please refer to our manuals "MyRoute app & ...". in the folder Export to navigation devices !