MyRoute app allows you to share routes and tracklogs with others. This can be done in different ways and for other MyRoute-app users as well as for people without an account.

Option 1 - Sharing routes and tracklogs from your profile

  • You go to your profile and then to your route list or tracklog list.
  • Here you click on the 'More options' button under the icon of the three-pointed square next to the route or tracklog you wish to share. A new window will then open:

  • Here you click on the second tab 'Share' to see the options for sharing the route or tracklog. In all cases, a reference to the route is created which is accessible to both MRA users and non-MRA users. However, how the route is displayed will differ. It is possible to share in the following ways: 
  1. Sharing on twitter
  2. Share on facebook
  3. Mail the route/tracklog
  4. Share via a link
  5. Embedding: by means of a generated code you will be able to show the route on your own website. See also the FAQ page: How do I embed routes?

Option 2: Sharing routes from a route 

If you have the route open you can also choose here to share it directly with your friends.

  • Click on the "Share" button. You will then be given the following options:
  • MyRoute app - If you click on this option, publish the route or track log on MyRoute app and it will appear in the activity overview. 
  • Twitter, Facebook, Email, Link and Embed (as before).