In the route planner of MyRoute-app it is possible to add favourites. What exactly are favourites and how do you add them?

A favourite is a location which is saved in your personal MRA Routeplanner and which you can then use again for all your current and new routes. In order to include the favourite in your route you still need to add it as a waypoint in a specific route. Favourites from the MRA Routeplanner cannot be exported, it is really for planning purposes. However, they are options to navigate to in the MRA Navigation app.

Create a Favourite

  • Create a waypoint on a route where you want to create a favourite point (see also tips!);
  • Click on the waypoint and then on 'more options' (icon with three dots);
  • Then click on the icon for 'Favourite'.
  • Then you can give a name to this favourite point.
  • The point will now be in your list of favourites.

    In the current route, it is also still included as a waypoint.

Add favourite as waypoint to route

In order to have a favourite in a route, it must be added to that specific route as a route point.

  • Click the 'Favourites' tab in the left-hand column;
  • Then click on the desired favourite location. The location in question is now shown as a favourite on the route planner. The various options for the favourite are also visible (e.g. rename, zoom in, search for a hotel and delete the favourite);
  • Finally click on the 'Add as waypoint' button. Your favourite will now be added as the next stop-off point. 

Tips&Tricks for Favourites

  • One of the most common favourites is the home address. However, you often need to fill up before leaving, so perhaps the nearby petrol station is more convenient as a favourite point than your home. 
  • Don't put a favourite right on your own roof because a waypoint that is not on the road can cause unnecessary problems for various navigation systems. Therefore put the route point (and the favourite point) at the end of the street, in the direction of the rest of the route. This is also always a good thing to do before returning home!