MyRoute app has developed its own navigation app with which routes from the MRA Routeplanner can easily be navigated using a mobile device.

Pay attention! A subscription is required to use the navigation app of MyRoute-app, namely MRA Navigation. For more information about MRA Navigation, you can check or product page.

Start up

  • Make sure you have a subscription for MRA Navigation. For more information see: Which subscriptions does MyRoute-app have?
  • Make sure you have downloaded the MRA Navigation app to your mobile device. 
  • Then you can log in with your account details.

Main screen

For more information on certain topics, you can click on the blue hyperlinks to a manual on the desired topic.

  1. Navigation and tracking: With this button, you can choose to start navigating (and tracking with it).  
  2. Route planning: If you click on this button you will see your route collection. Here you can open an existing route for editing or use the plus icon to open a new route. 
  3. Events: Here you can see the events you are part of. New events can be found on the MRA Routeplanner website and for more information about events you can have a look at our Events Manual.
  4. Driven tracks: Here you can see all the tracks you have driven with MRA Navigation. If you click on them you can view details.
  5. Offline maps: In order to navigate with MRA Navigation it is not necessary to use a full internet connection. Under this heading, you can download the necessary maps to be able to drive in offline modus. For more information see our manual Offline mode in MRA Navigation.
  6. Information and support: Clicking on this will take you to the support page with all manuals specifically for MRA Navigation. Do you have a question about planning routes that is not listed here? Take a look at the extensive manuals of MRA Routeplanner! If you have a problem, you can also contact our support team via this page. 
  7. Settings: Here you can view and adjust the settings of the application. 
  8. Queue: Here are the routes or maps that are still queued to be downloaded. Check these if you feel that something is not loaded correctly.