With MRA Navigation you can easily navigate and track routes. 


  • Ensure that the location service is switched on and that MRA Navigation has permission to use it. Only then can you search for locations and start navigation.
  • Make sure you plan routes on the HERE map in the MRA Routeplanner because MRA Navigation uses this map.


If you have clicked on 'Navigation and tracking' in the main menu, you will see the following menu. Here you have several options:

  1. Search: As you can also see in the image, you can search in different ways. First of all, you can search for an address or location by typing in the search bar. Secondly, you can click on one of the search suggestions to find locations that are indicated as this category in your area. 
  2. Routes: Clicking this will bring up an overview of your most recently created routes in the MRA Routeplanner. You can then click on a route and start navigating. You can also start the track. For more information about this, see the rest of this manual. 
  3. Favourites: Here is a list of your favourite locations as you have saved them in MyRoute-app. For more information on favourites, see the FAQ page: How do I add favourites?
  4. Tracking: With this button, you can start a tracklog without navigation. Once you have clicked this button, a map view will be displayed where you can start a tracklog if you wish. You can read more about this at the end of this manual.

Start Navigation

Once you have selected a final destination or a route, you will be taken to a route overview where you will see the planned route again. On this page, you have the following options:

  1. Back - Return to the previous page;
  2. Information - If a description has been added to the route, you will see it when you click this button;
  3. To route editor - This button allows you to edit the route. We recommend that you only make minor final adjustments and always use the MRA Routeplanner to plan an entire route;
  4. Navigate - By pressing this button you start the navigation;
  5. Travel mode - Here you can see the set travel mode. By clicking on the icon you can still modify it;
  6. Edit route settings - Allows you to change the route settings. If you have already entered route settings via the MRA Routeplanner, they will also be enabled here.
    There is a slight difference between the looks on an Android or an iOS device. There is one small difference in options. On an Android device, you can choose the departure point of the navigation. The options are: beginning of the route, closest waypoint or a  selected waypoint number.

Choose the large blue button (no. 4) to start navigation. You will then see the map in the navigation screen and the navigation instructions will be started (see left image below). You have various options here.

7. Clicking on the icon with the three dots opens the side menu. In this menu you have the following options:

8. For Android users: Pause - With this option, you will pause the navigation (and tracking). This will also be shown on your screen. You can start navigating again by clicking on the screen.
For iOS users: Block - This option is still under construction and does nothing yet but work is in progress. 

9. Skip - This option skips the next waypoint. When you click on this option, you will be asked how many waypoints you want to skip. You can also skip more than one waypoint with a single click. 

10. Save location - This button allows you to save your current location as a favourite in your MyRoute-app account. These favourite locations can be viewed both under the previously mentioned favourites option in MRA Navigation (see button C at the beginning of this manual) and in the MRA Routeplanner under favourites (for more information on this, see the manual: How do I add favourites?).

11. Search - Use this option to search for a location nearby. 

12. Route Settings - This button takes you to the same settings as button six. This allows you to easily adjust route settings while navigating (and possibly tracking). 

13. Night mode - This button takes you to the night mode settings. You can choose to set the dark mode automatically or not. 

14. Navigation - This button takes you to the navigation settings of MRA Navigation. This allows you to adjust the settings without stopping your navigation (and tracklog). For more information, see the manual Settings of MRA Navigation.

15. Quit - This button closes the navigation. You will be asked to confirm again.

If you have activated a tracklog, you will also be asked to save it here.



Het is ook mogelijk om uw route tijdens het navigeren met dezelfde app te tracken. Met behulp van verschillende afbeeldingen leest u hier hoe u dat doet. 

16. Click on the play button to start the tracklog. 

You will then be given the opportunity to give the tracklog a name. Choose something that is clear to you and then click on "continue".

The tracklog is now started, as you can see from the text 'rec'. You have several options for tracking within the active navigation. 

18. With this button you show and cover the information about the tracklog.

19. Pause - Pauses the tracklog. 

20. Finish and save - Finishes and saves the tracklog. Don't forget to do this before you exit navigation. 

21. Moment - This option allows you to add a photo as a moment to the current location of your tracklog. This will also be shown later in your tracklog overview. 

22. Statistics - Here you can see the current statistics of your tracklog such as duration, distance and average speed.

The result of the tracklog 

After saving the tracklog, it will become visible both in the MRA Navigation app and in your tracklog list in MRA Routeplanner. Here you can read which options you have within MRA Navigation.


As soon as you have completed the tracklog you can directly show the result. You can also find the tracklog under the heading "Driven tracks" in the main menu of MRA Navigation. 

23. Sharing - With the big blue button you can share the tracklog you have driven directly with others via different channels. 

24. Statistics - Clicking this button will display an overview of your tracklog's statistics such as duration, distance, and average speed. 

25. Moments - This option is still under construction in the app and will be available to you in the future.