It is also possible to plan a route in MRA Navigation. For example, you can adapt a small part of an existing route just before departure or create a short route between different stops. In this manual, you can read how this works.

Attention! MyRoute-app has its own MRA Routeplanner which can be accessed via your internet browser and via the MyRoute-app Mobile app. The route planning within MRA Navigation is an extension of this but it is not the same.

Getting started

  • Click on the second option in the main menu: 'Route planning'.
  • You will get an overview of your route collection. This is ordered by "last edited" (this cannot be changed at the moment but integrating this option is already on our suggestion list!).
  • If you want to modify an existing route: Find the route in question in the list and click on it. The edit menu will now open.

    If you want to create a new route: Click on the 'plus' icon in the top right-hand corner.

Creating a route

Adding Waypoints 

  1. Search - Find a location to add as a waypoint. Clicking on the location will add it to the route. 
  2. Place waypoint - This big blue button places a waypoint at the point where the 'place waypoint button' (see in red circle) is placed. So you move the map to make sure that the correct part of the road is placed under the waypoint placer. As soon as you have done this, click on the large blue button at the bottom.

    Other options

  3. Undo - Restores the last action of placing a waypoint. 

  4. Duration and Distance - Shows how long the route is according to the planning of MyRoute-app.

  5. Favorite - For Android: Click to add the location of the waypoint placer as a favorite. You will be given the option to name the new favorite location. This will appear in your list of MyRoute-app favorites.

    For iOS, this option is still under construction and will be available to you in the future.

  6. Travel mode - Allows you to switch the means of transport for which you plan your route. 

  7. Route settings - Allows you to modify the settings of the route. This includes: changing the name of the route, avoiding different types of roads, and more.

  8. Current location - Your current location is indicated by a green icon.

  9. Waypoints - Clicking on this icon displays a list of all waypoints. You can do the following in this list:
    * Delete a waypoint by clicking the tick (Andoird) or the red button in front of that waypoint (iOS);
    * Change the order of the waypoints. You can do this as follows: Hold down the three dashes on the right-hand side and then drag the waypoint to the desired place in the list.

  10. Navigate - Click this button and navigation will start. For more information on navigating (and tracking) see the manual Navigation and tracking with MRA Navigation.

    Waypoint options (there is a difference in options between iOS and Android devices, this is indicated below)
  11. Rename - Change the name of the waypoint.

  12. Zoom in - Zoom in on the waypoint of the route.

  13. Available for iOS only: Search hotel - Find a hotel close to the itinerary (for more information, see Manual 'Booking a hotel via MyRoute-app').

  14. Favorite - Save the waypoint as a favorite within the MyRoute app.

  15. Delete - Delete the waypoint from the current route.

    The following options are only available for Android devices

  16. More options - This button opens the other waypoint options.

  17. Description - Add a description to the waypoint in question.

  18. Colour - Set a colour for the waypoint.

  19. Move - Click this button to move the waypoint somewhere else on the map.