In the settings of the MRA Navigation app, you will find the offline mode. By turning this mode on, all map-related functions are executed offline, even if the device is connected to the internet. Convenient to avoid a lot of data consumption! 

In this manual, you can read how it works and how to use it.

What are the differences in functionality in offline mode?

All map-related functions are performed offline. Think about this:

  • Showing the maps 
  • Searching
  • Route calculations

Therefore the function will not work properly if there is no offline map. It is therefore important that you download the correct maps before switching on offline mode (see more information below). 

By using offline mode, the following functions may not be available or may not be up to date:

  • Arrival time that takes into account the current traffic situation
  • Traffic data on the map and along the route
  • Download offline maps

Functions not related to maps remain connected to the internet in offline mode. For example, synchronization with your MyRoute-app account and support/information in the main menu. This allows you to continue downloading your routes and uploading tracklogs without any problems while in offline mode.

Step 1 - Downloading offline maps

As you can read before, it is important to download the correct map before switching to offline mode. It is therefore important that the offline mode is (still) switched off and that you are connected to the internet. To download these maps, click on the 'Offline maps' button in the main menu. 

  1. Device storage - Here you can see the total amount of memory used by the maps you have downloaded. 
  2. Maps - Here is a list of the maps you have downloaded. You can use the bin icon behind the title to remove a particular map. 
  3. Download maps - Click on the white button to download new maps. You will be given the following options:

    * Select the continent from which you would like to download a map;

    * You will then be given options for different areas. For example, you can download all the maps of Europe or a specific country. Some larger countries are again divided into provinces or areas.

    Please note! Make sure you download all the maps of the areas your journey will pass through, otherwise you will end up without a map.

Step 2 - Activating the offline mode

  • Go to settings by clicking the cogwheel icon in the main menu;

  • Enable offline mode here. When the slider turns green (for iOS) or blue (for Android) it means that the option is activated.

  • Then leave the settings with the 'back' button (or arrow) and you can start navigating.


  • Are you going on holiday with MRA Navigation and do you want to use offline mode? Then make sure to check these settings well before you leave. Downloading the maps may take some time and you may still need to make room on your mobile device. By checking a few days before departure, you will avoid stress. 
  • When switching to offline mode, check that everything went well by opening one of your routes in MRA Navigation. Preferably even make a test drive with a test route.