You can adjust various settings in the MRA Navigation app. 

The images below are from an Android device, the appearance may vary slightly if you use iOS. 

Some functions are only for iOS or only for Android, this is mentioned per functionality. 

The cogwheel button in the main menu takes you to the app's settings. The options you have here will be briefly explained. For all options, the green/blue square indicates that this option is enabled. When you click on the button it will turn grey, indicating that the option is switched off. 


  • Offline mode: enable/disable the Offline mode of MRA Navigation. We have included extensive information about the Offline mode in the manual Offline mode in MRA Navigation.
  • Distance unit: you can see the distance unit being used. You can adjust it by clicking on it; you will then be presented with a selection menu. 
  • Show traffic alerts on the map. Attention! A navigation system is aid at all times, and directions on the road always take precedence over the directions of any navigation system.
    For Android also:
  • Privacy setting for new items
  • Notification settings.


  • For Android only - Map Style: Choose to navigate with day mode, night mode. It is also possible to activate that the settings change automatically according to the time of day.
    For iOS this option is included in the settings during navigation. 
  • For Android only - Map perspective: Choose in which perspective the map is shown: 2D or 3D.
  • Skip waypoints automatically: If this option is enabled, waypoints that you have already passed will be automatically skipped if you do not turn around after the turn instruction but continue to drive to the next waypoint.
  • For Android only - Lock screen orientation while navigating.
  • For Android only - Pause navigation when the screen is turned off.
  • Full-screen lane guidance on major roads: this setting affects how the schematic is laid out. 
  • Spoken route instructions
  • Status of voice guidance: If you do not hear voice guidance, check this status, the app may not have permission to play voice guidance.
    For Andoid only: You can also see the language of the spoken instructions and change the language. For some languages, there are more specific options.
  • Alert me if I'm speeding.
  • Speed camera warnings.

    Pay attention! The two warnings above are based on available information and may differ from the actual situation on the road. They are only a tool.

  • Sound output channel: If you don't hear anything, you can check here if the settings are correct.


  • For iOS only - Share tracklogs: Here you can see what privacy settings your tracklogs completed in MRA Navigation will have. You can customize this by clicking on the button; you will then be presented with a drop-down menu. 
  • Immediately view tracklogs after completion: If this option is enabled, you will always be automatically redirected to the completed tracklog. 


  • Version: Android devices show the version of the app at the bottom of the settings. iOS devices show the version on the top right corner. 
  • Subscription: Here you can see when your MRA Navigation subscription ends. If you click on the button, you will see more specifically the date. 
  • Logout: Click this option if you want to log out of the current device with your subscription. It is not necessary to do this every time you have finished navigating, just close the application.