This guide tells you how to export route files from MyRoute app to your BMW Auto navigation system. 

Please note! At this moment, BMW has stopped supporting BMW navigation for cars. Therefore it is no longer possible to transfer routes to your navigation system. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about this within MyRoute app. For some BMW car navigation systems, importing still works, but this differs per navigation system.

We therefore advise you to contact your dealer and we will continue to look for a solution. 

Our apologies for the inconvenience

We would like to give you the following tips in advance:

  • Always create routes that you are going to use on your BMW Auto navigation system on the HERE map in the MRA route planner;
  • For more information on exporting in general, see General information about 'export' and 'save as';
  • For more information on installing and exporting with the MyRoute app connector, see our other manuals;
  • For more information on creating, using and adding POIs, see our POIs guide.
  • For specific videos about different navigation systems you can always check out our YouTube channel.

To get a route into the BMW Auto, you use a USB stick. The steps are as follows:

  1. Connect the USB stick to your computer;
  2. Create the following folder structure on the USB drive (via your Explorer/Finder):
    • BMWData/Nav (2 folders total)
    • BMWData/Navigation/Routes (3 folders total)
  3. Next, open the route editor of MRA Routeplanner and open the route that you want to export;
  4. Click on 'export' to use the MyRoute app Connector;
  5. For the device, select 'BMW Car'. What on the confirmation of the export;
  6. Finally, you can insert the USB stick into your BMW Car and import the route via the car's media system.

Our tips on importing on the BMW Car!

  • Connect the USB stick to the correct USB input of the car;
  • Go to iDrive and go to Navigation Menu - MyTrips - Import from USB;