You have installed the MyRoute-app connector and are trying to export a route but you get an error message. In this FAQ you can read which steps to take to solve the problem. 

Check the following points step by step 

  1. Did you select the right device when exporting?
  2. Is your navigation system connected via USB and is it connected to your computer?

    Check this as follows:

    • Open your Explorer/Finder and go to "This PC".
    • Here you will see devices and drives;
      • If your navigation system is listed here, then the computer has a connection to the navigation system. In this case you should be able to view, edit and thus upload files onto your navigation system via Explorer/Finder.

        You can test this by manually transferring a route file to your navigation system via Explorer. You can do this by first saving the route from the MRA Route Planner using the 'save as' button. Then copy the route file from your computer to your navigation system.

        Then try to open the connector again. If you still get an error message, please read on at [3] below.

      • Is your navigation system not listed? Then the navigation system has no connection to your computer and the connector cannot find the navigation system either.

        • Check the USB cable. Try another cable if possible;
        • Try another USB port;
        • Make sure that your navigation system is switched on and fully charged;
        • Disconnect other USBs connected to the computer (mouse/keyboard do not need to be disconnected).
  3. Check what is displayed on your navigation system. Does it show a connection to the computer or is nothing shown? 
    • With TomTom, you have to click on 'import routes' on the device before the export can be started with the MyRoute app Connector. 
    • When exporting to Garmin devices, it helps to switch off BaseCamp and Garmin Drive on the computer. This ensures that the connected navigation device is not 'occupied'.
    • When exporting to Garmin devices, it can help to remove the SD card from your navigation system. Do this before connecting the device and then follow the steps as usual.
    • Some navigation devices need to have 'Mass storage mode' activated in the options in order to show internal files. This is different for each navigation device: please check the manual of your navigation device or contact your dealer


On our Youtube channel, you will find several videos about exporting to different navigation devices.

I have checked everything but the error message remains

Have you followed all the steps above, but the error message still occurs? You can reach us via the support page of MyRoute-app. Please indicate what you encountered while performing the above steps, preferably with screenshots and photos of your navigation system. Then our support team will help you the best they can.