You can always easily check the status of your subscriptions in the shop or the app. 

Via the MRA Routeplanner in your internetbrowser

Firstly, you can view all statuses and subscriptions in the shop via in your internet browser.

  • Log in to with your login details (if you have multiple accounts, be careful which ones you use);
  • Go to 'Shop'
  • In the shop, the two subscriptions are displayed with the current information for you. 
    • You will see the date when the subscription will be renewed. This is the date when you can stop the subscription.
    • You can stop a subscription.
    • You can change the billing period.

Via the MRA Navigation app

You can also see the status of your MRA Navigation subscription in the navigation app. 

  • Click on the cogwheel icon in the app to open 'Settings';
  • Scroll all the way down, here you can see general information about your subscription (see the second image). When you click on the indicated button, it will specifically show up to which date your subscription is valid.

What if I don't get the above option?

You will probably see a message saying your trial ended. This means that you do not have an MRA Navigation subscription on the account you logged in with. 

If you have multiple accounts, try logging in with a different account. 

If you have already paid for an MRA Navigation subscription but still get this message, please contact us via the support page.