The Scenic Route tool has been developed to easily and quickly plan a fun ride from A to B. This way you can plan a nice route in minutes by entering a start and end point. With our handy route options we eventually lead you to a screen with the choice of not one but 3 beautiful routes.

This manual focuses on the design as it will be displayed in the internet browser. It is also possible to generate a tour via MyRoute-app Mobile. The functionalities are the same, but the design will be slightly different.

Starting a Scenic Route

Click on the Routemaker from the 'Routelab' to get started. The dashboard collapses and the route maker is activated for you.

Step 1: set the route maker to “Scenic Route”

The Routemaker is set to Scenic tours by default. To change this to “Scenic Route” tap the pull-down menu and select “Scenic Route”.

Step 2: Choose a start and end point

A scenic route needs a start and end point. You can choose from 3 options.

  • Search: use the search bar or click anywhere on the map

  • Favourites: click on the favorites icon. A Favorites list expands.

  • Current location: If you have indicated that we can collect your location, you can use this function to put a route point at your current location.

Tip: Reverse start and end point

You can also reverse the start and end points, for example to generate not only a ride from your home to your final destination, but also a fun route from the final destination back home. So every ride is a party!


Step 3: Set further options

You will then see the following options in the map area:

  1. Maplayers: Use the different map layers of the MRA Route Planner. Some of these are only available to MRA Routeplanner Gold users. For more information, also see the Manual Map layers.

  2. Zooming in orr out: Use the buttons to zoom in or out on the map. You can also scroll with your mouse wheel for this.

Step 4: Make the route yourself or let yourself be surprised

You can then generate a Scenic Route in two different ways. The steps of both ways are explained in the following sections of this guide:

A. Self made: you can influence various aspects of the Scenic Route yourself, such as: the duration and the winding of the route.

B. Be suprised: All aspects of the Scenic Route are chosen by the Tour Generator and you are ultimately given three options to choose from.

Be suprised!

Be surprised by the powerful route maker of MyRoute-app. By filling in a number of details for you in advance, we can generate three beautiful routes for you at the touch of a button.

Step 1 - Press on suprise me!

It's that simple. You only specify a start and end point and that is enough to generate the route.

Step 2 - Wait for the generator and view the routes.

The route maker will now start calculating. You can already change the name of the route in the indicated bar. When the route has been calculated, click on 'view routes', as indicated below. You will then arrive at the page 'choose a route' (see the end of this manual).

Self made

After you have chosen a start and end point, you will be guided step by step through the process of creating a route. The map with the start and end point always remains visible. This process is also explained in this manual.

Step 1 - Press next

With the button “next” you start the process with which we guide you through the route maker.

Step 2 - Choose the bendiness

Select here the amount of bends that you want to have incorporated in the route. The possibility to do this also varies per area.

Stap 3 - Choose the height difference.

Choose here the degree of height difference that you want to have incorporated in your route. The possibility to do this also varies per area.

Step 4 - Choose Avoidances

Here you enter in which direction the tour should end and which things should be avoided when generating the tour.

Step 5 - Create the Routes

Finally, the route maker starts calculating the route. You can already change the name of the route in the indicated bar. When the route has been calculated, click on 'view routes' (see image below). This will take you to the 'choose route' page.