When generating a scenic roundtour or scenic route, you get the offer of up to three different routes. You can choose one of these routes for your own use. This way you save a generated route in your personal MyRoute-app cloud.

This manual focuses on the design as it will be displayed in the internet browser. It is also possible to generate a roundtour via MyRoute-app Mobile. The functionalities are the same, but the design will be slightly different.


Choose route

The Routemaker shows three different routes based on the specified preferences. In the left column you will find practical information and after selecting one of the three, the route is shown in the map area. Below is a more specific explanation of what you can still do.

  1. Select a route - Here you can see the distance and duration of the route for each route. In the route editor you can see the route you have selected by the color. Click on the routes in this column to show another route in the route editor.

  2. The route with waypoints - In addition to the specified waypoint (via point), there are a number of formation points that make up the tour. You can move these waypoints to make the route more to your liking. It is also possible to add additional formation points by moving the route line.

  3. Map Layers - Use the different map layers of the MRA Route Planner. Some of these are only available to MRA Routeplanner Gold users. For more information, also see the Manual 'Map layers'.

  4. Zoom In/Out - Use the buttons to zoom in or out on the map. You can also scroll with your mouse wheel for this.

  5. Elevation Profile - Here you can see the elevation profile of the selected Tour.

  6. Use this tour/route - If you are satisfied with the generated route, click this button. A route track will then be created that you can export directly or edit in the MRA Route Planner.

  7. Start Over - If you'd rather check out some other options, click this button and start a roundtour again.

Using the route

In the left column you see the route information of the route track in which you can update various aspects as with other routes and route tracks. These are: route name and privacy settings. You can also do the following:

  1. Export this route directly to your navigation (see also the manual General about 'export' and 'save as').

  2. Save as: download the file as a selected format (see also the manual General about 'export' and 'save as').

  3. Edit route-track: Clicking this will convert the file to a conventional route with waypoints that you can edit. This way you can adjust small pieces to your liking.

    Pay attention! Because MRA Navigation can only navigate with routes, this is an important step if you want to navigate the tour with your MRA Navigation app. Then also make sure that you set the map settings on the HERE map and check all parts carefully to see if the tour is still satisfactory.

    Tip! In addition, we always recommend that you check a route carefully for any 'lost' route points. So check that the route points are always on the right side of the road, past intersections, roundabouts and exits

  4. Share: Here you can share the route track equally on the different channels (see also the manual How can I share routes and track logs?)