At MyRoute-app we try to help with questions and problems in various ways. This way, all users can visit the forum and view the manuals at any time. See Manual: 'Forum' for more information about the forum.

If you have a paid subscription, you can also create a ticket. One of our support staff will respond within two working days and provide further assistance.

Table of Contents

Open support page

If you are logged in to MyRoute-app, you will immediately go to the page called Route lab. The most important elements of the MyRoute-app website can be reached from this page. You can also open the support page directly from Route lab.

Support page

  1. Search term: Find the right manual faster using the search bar.
  2. Knowledge base: Here you can find all manuals.
  3. Create a ticket: Click here to create a ticket as a paid user. Our support team always tries to respond as quickly as possible, but this can sometimes take up to 2 business days.
  4. Ticket status: See the status of your submitted ticket here.

Create ticket

(Silver, Gold, or Navigation)

Are you having trouble using the manuals/forum? Then please create a ticket.

  1. Requester: Enter the email address to which you would like to receive the response.
  2. Product: Indicate here which MRA product it concerns.
  3. Subject: Briefly and concisely describe your question/problem here.
  4. Type: Indicate whether it is a question or problem. This is not mandatory.
  5. Description: Describe your question/problem here. ATTENTION! When submitting a ticket, try to be as clear as possible. The better your question is formulated or the more information you can provide about your problem, the better and faster our support can help.
  6. Attach file: Click here to share additional information such as screenshots.
  7. Submit/Cancel: Click Submit to send your ticket to the support or click Cancel to opt out.

General tips

  • First, check if your question is not answered in one of our manuals.
  • Create a ticket with your MRA email address. Are you using a different email address? Then mention your MRA email in the message.
  • Are you experiencing a problem? Describe clearly what you do and which error (message) you see.
  • Screenshots can provide better insight into questions and problems. So please send this along if you think it is an addition to your message.
  • Will you share a link to a route? Make sure this route is and remains public. This is the only way this route can be viewed.
  • The forum may seem a bit scary to some people, but there are mainly many enthusiastic users here who are happy to help with problems or questions.
  • Do you have any suggestions for MyRoute-app? Please share these with us on the forum!