On the activities page, you will find completed activities of other users that they have published on the MyRoute app website. You can search by location (nearby) or by recently added (activity feed). In this manual, you can read all about the 'activities'.

Once you have clicked on the 'Activities' button in the main menu, you will see the options 'In the area' and 'Activity feed'. These are discussed below. 

A. 'In the area' page

Here you can search for shared activities near an entered place or your current location.

  1. By modifying the transport mode here, you can search for activities of the selected transport mode. 
  2. Enter a location where you want to search or choose 'use my location'.
    If the latter option is selected, your browser must have access to your current location.

You will then be shown a page with search results. You can still change the transport mode; the results will change. As you can see, from left to right you will receive information about 'Upcoming public events', routes and further information from users in the region. Below that you can see an overview of recent moments. 

  • Upcoming public events - Here is a list of events shared for the public. Possibly you can participate! For more information on events, please also see our Manual 'Events'.
  • Routes in selected region - Here you can see the number of routes, tracklogs and routes rated by RouteXperts for the region based on the selected mode of transport. You will also see a link to the RouteXpert Library (for more information, see the 'Library' manual).
  • Information from users within the region- Here you can see further information about your region. Numbers relating to groups, the number of users and the number of recorded moments are shown here.

B. Activity feed

The activity feed is the other part of the activities page where you can see recently published activities on MyRoute-app. These are automatically sorted by time. However, you can apply different filters for the activities shown. You can filter using the buttons in the top right corner:

  • Type of activity - All activities, tracklogs, routes, blog posts and travel stories;
  • Activity of - anyone or friends;
  • Transport mode - Driving, cycling and/or walking;
  • Countries

View activities

After a possible application of filters, you will receive a list of activities. These are automatically sorted by most recent at the top. You can scroll through the list until you come across something interesting. 

You will then have the following options:

  1. Practical information - In this section on the left you can see the practical aspects of the activity:
    - Name of the user (click on this and you will go to his/her profile);
    - More about the activity: title, date, a reduced map view, distance, duration (click this and the route overview will load, showing the activity in detail).
    - Appreciations: Here you can see whether the activity has already been rated. You can also click on the thumbnail to give a rating!
  2. Moments - Clicking on this heading shows the moments that the user has added to his/her activity.
    Clicking on the picture will enlarge it and show the title and caption of the moment. You can then use the arrows next to the photo to navigate between the different photos. You can close the enlarged photo display by clicking next to the photo.
  3. Comments - Here you can see comments added by users. If you are logged in, you can also leave a comment. You can delete your own comments at any time. The person who posted the activity can delete all responses to his/her activity. 

When you have found an interesting route or track log, you can open it in the route overview by clicking on the title or the map view. 

What can I do with a tracklog from the activity feed?

In the route overview, you can see the tracklog driven on the map with a black line. In the left-hand column, you will see all the data of the tracklog under the statistics heading. In addition, you can also see a listed display of the moments and the reactions.

Furthermore, you can do the following:

  • Click on the photo icon to open the moment that has been added. You can then view photos and text. By clicking on the photos you can also enlarge them. 

Top right in the blue bar

  • Click 'Save as' to save the track directly to your computer;
  • Click 'Use as route' to use this tracklog as a route. You will get the option to choose the name you want to give this route and click 'Use as'. The created route will then be displayed directly in the route editor and saved in your personal route archive.
    Attention! Do not forget to check the waypoints carefully; the automatically generated waypoints may need to be moved slightly to optimize the route. 
  • Click on 'Share' to share the tracklog outside MyRoute-app. 

What can I do with a route from the activity feed?

The route overview opens and you can view all the information of the route.

In the left column

  • The different waypoints
  • Route information
  • Comments from other users
  • POIs included in the route

In the blue bar at the top right

  • Export - Export the route directly to your navigation system using the connector;
  • Save as - Save the route to your computer
  • 'Use the route' and save it in your personal route archive;
  • Share - Click to share the route on social media channels outside MyRoute-app.

Publish an activity yourself

The following activities can be published on our activity feed: tracklogs, routes, blog posts and travel stories. Below is a brief explanation of how this works. 

Publishing a route on the activity feed

You can publish a route in different ways on the activity feed:

  • Open the desired route in the route editor. Make sure that the privacy settings are set to 'public'.
  • Option 1 - Click on the 'share' button at the top right and then on the MyRoute app option. If you then click 'share' again, you will see a checkmark behind the text. To undo the publication, click this button again.
  • Option 2 - Click on the heading 'route information' on the left-hand side of the route editor. Click on 'Publish route'. As soon as this is successful, an orange checkmark will appear. To undo the publication, click this button again.

Publish a tracklog on the activity feed

Tracklogs completed with MyRoute-app Mobile or MRA Navigation will be published on the activity feed if the privacy settings of the tracklogs are set to public and you choose to recommend the tracklog. 

  • Make sure the privacy settings are set to 'public';
  • Ride and finish by completing the tracklog;
  • Choose to recommend tracklog.

Pay attention! There is a minimum distance travelled per transport mode before a tracklog is visible in the general activity feed: driving 25km, cycling 2km and walking 1km.  

You can of course always find your own completed tracklogs in your tracklog list but you can also see them under Profile>Timeline. In the timeline, the activities have the same design as on the activities page.