In advance:

On the Activities page you can see all 'Completed Activities' that have been completed and published with the app, which are visible to everyone. This concerns track logs, routes and travel stories.

1. Log in to MyRoute-app and click on 'Activities' in the top bar.


2. In the bar at the top you can distinguish which activities you want to see exactly. 'Track Logs, Routes or Travel Stories'.


3. You can also indicate whether you wish to see all activities, or only those of your friends.
You can also tune the activities to 'drive, walk or cycle'. And finally you can determine the location of the activities. If, for example, you only want to see the activities in your area, you can indicate this here.


4. You can respond to the activities of another person.
            You can always delete your own reaction;
            And you can remove the reactions of others on your own activity.


5. When you have added images to your activities, it looks like this:
You see the moments and comments.
You can see how many valuations an activity has. If you come across a fun activity, do not forget to 'appreciate' it by clicking on the thumb!


6. When you click on an image of an activity, it is made larger.
1. Previous image
2. Next picture
3. Information about the image
4. Close image


7. Click on the map of the image to show the activity in a large map, the route overview.

In the 'route overview' the moments where they are recorded with MyRoute-app for mobile, the moments you see in the form of blue icons with the image of a photo camera; Indicated in the picture with a 1.
If you click on a blue icon, first you will see all the pictures of that moment, click on the picture and the picture will be enlarged.
1. Photo moments of this activity.
2. A photo moment with multiple photos.
3. A photo.


When we click on number 3 in figure 1, the picture is enlarged.


8. If you find the completed track of another interesting, you can use the track as a route, the route is automatically saved in your Profile> Routes.
First click on the image of the track and then click on + "Use as route";
A window appears, the name is already filled in, you can delete the name and type your own name in the field, then click on 'Use';
MyRoute-app automatically puts a number of route points on the blue line of the track;
Check the way points by zooming them in completely, adjust them where necessary, you can now export the route directly to your GPS or see it later via your Profile> Routes;
For more information about export see 'Export menu item'.



9. If it's your 'own completed track', you can add pictures and text to a moment later on from your PC or tablet.

  • Your own completed tracks are to be found under Profile > Timeline;
  • If you click on the image, the track viewer will open your track;
  • On the left side, you can see the statistics;
  • Click on a moment to open it;
  • You can edit the 'title' and 'description' and add pictures to a moment;
  • If you want to add a picture, click on the blue icon with the white arrow that is pointing upwards within the moment;
  • In the next screen, click on 'Choose file';
  • Your explorer will be opened, double click on the picture that you want to upload to your moment;
  • Once you see the name of the picture you want, click on the blue icon 'Upload';
  • Your picture has been added to the moment!


*Clicking anywhere on the map will allow you to manually ad a moment to your track!

*Click to choose a file for your moment

Select a picture of your choosing

Then click 'Upload'. You picture will now be added as a Moment to your track!

8. And you also have the possibility to share your track outside of MyRoute-app

  • Click on 'Share' in the top right;
  • Choose Facebook, Twitter or sharing by e-mail;
  • You can also add text;
  • Click on 'Post on Facebook';

  • 2.3.png

    Kies je Facebook pagina = Choose your Facebook page
    Plaats eventueel tekst = You can put a text
    Plaats op Facebook als je klaar bent = Post on Facebook when you are ready

    This is what it looks like on Facebook.

    This is what it looks like when people click on the link but they're not logged in on MyRoute-app, they can easily create an account to see and use your track. 

    This is what your tweet will look like if you share your track on Twitter.

    And lastly sharing by e-mail.