To use MyRoute-app you need an account. An account is a registration with your email address and a password of your choice. 

In addition, MyRoute-app offers several products that can be subscribed to. It is important to keep in mind that MyRoute-app offers an online route planner on the one hand and has developed its own navigation app on the other hand. These two functionalities work well together but are two different products. For more information about our subscriptions see Products of MyRoute-app.

1. Go to and click on 'Register' or 'Start the trial'.

You will now be redirected to the registration screen. As you can see, when you register, you always get a period of 14 days during which you have free access to all the extensive applications and features that MyRoute-app has to offer. After this period, your account is automatically converted to a MyRoute-app Basic account, so you are not tied to anything!

2. Fill in your details, do not forget to agree with the conditions.

  • Name - Here you fill in your own username. 
  • The password must be at least 8 characters long. 

3. Next you will see the screen below.

You have also received an email to confirm your registration. As you will see, on this page and in the email, you will also find more information about the different aspects MyRoute-app has to offer. 

In short, this is the following:

  • The MyRoute-app Web: The website from which you can access the route planner, your profile and the social aspects of MyRoute-app. This includes our Connector, for more information see the other manuals and instructional videos. 
  • MyRoute-app Mobile: The application you can download that gives you access to almost all options of MyRoute-app Web and allows you to track your journey using your smartphone or tablet. See also for example Getting started with the MyRoute-app Mobile application.
  • MyRoute-app Navigation: Our own navigation app that allows you to navigate routes and also allows you to enter an address directly. This requires a subscription at all times.

Once you have taken a look at it, you can click on 'Go to start' at the bottom of the page!

4. After this you will enter the homepage of MyRoute-app. 

You are now in your 'Routelab' and from here you can get to work. Remarkable are the following aspects, pay attention to this for a moment:

  • Getting started quickly - In the middle, you will see a link to the MRA Academy, the Forum, and the manuals. This way you can easily navigate to more explanations and information about MyRoute-app. 
  • Tip - Several pop-up windows titled 'Tip' will appear, briefly showing you what the different buttons do. 
  • At the top, you can see how long your trial period still lasts. Here you can always upgrade to MRA Routeplanner Gold (for more information we have the article: How can I purchase a subscription?). 

Final details

From now on, you can click on the 'log in' button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. You will then be able to log in to MyRoute-app with your email address and password.