After you created your own MyRoute-app account, you can log in with your credentials to acces your account on multiple devices. This manual tells you how to log in on an internet browser. 

1. Click on 'Log in' in the top right corner of the page.

2. Next you get the page shown below where you can fill in your credentials. 

2.1. Enter your e-mail address with which you have created an account. 

2.2. Enter the password of your choice. 

2.3. Indicate here whether you want to remain logged in on the device you are then using. 

2.4. Click here to log in. 

2.5. Have you forgotten your password? Then click this button. 

Something went wrong!

If you receive this message, something probably went wrong when entering your email address and/or password. Please try again, check for typing errors!

Forgotten password

Have you forgotten your password? Then click on 'forgot your password' (indicated in the image above). You will now get a new screen where you enter your e-mail address and then click on 'send'. You will receive an email to reset your password. Always check your spam folder to be sure.