In advance:

You can upload gpx tracks in MyRoute-app.

For this, you first go to 'Route lab' and then to 'Upload track file'.


1. Click on "upload", then on "tracklog":

1. You can choose whether the route is available for everyone, for your friends or only for yourself;
2. Can you indicate whether the route is intended for 'driving, walking or cycling'.
3. You can choose whether you want to upload a route, a route track or a Tracklog;
Automatically limits the number of route markers to a maximum of 30,000 to ensure that uploading is not too slow.
4. Supported file formats are: GPX, KML or KMZ.
    5. Click here to choose a file that you can upload


2. If you click on search file, your explorer will be opened and you can search for a tracklog.

  • Next, you double click on the file or you choose 'Open';
  • You'll see the file name in the new window.



3. You can create a moment (picture + text) within a track anytime, just click on the map at the place where you want to place a moment.

  • Enter the name of the moment;
  • Click on accept;
  • A moment will appear;
  • You can add pictures and text to the moment;
  • You can magnify a picture.


1. Click here to change the name of the moment.
2. Click here to delete the moment.
3. Click here to add a description of the moment.
4. Click here to select a photo in your computer.
5. This is the icon of the moment in your route / track log.

When you click on number 4. to select the photo you will see the explorer.
Here you have to click on the desired photo.
Once you have done that you will see the name of the route at number 1.
Click on "upload" to upload the moment.



And as you can see, the moment has been successfully added to the track log!