You can find your profile by clicking on 'Profile' in the top menu. Your profile is your business card and therefore very nice to set up. Gradually more and more can be added. 

The top block provides information about yourself and your vehicle. The middle block gives an overview of your recorded tracklogs with MyRoute-app for mobile and the lower block shows your last moments including photos and description. 

Your own profile 

Adjusting 'About me' and 'About my vehicle'

  • In the blue menu bar on the right, click on 'edit profile' (see also image above). 
  • Next, there are various options (see also the image below):

1. Change your profile picture; 

2. Give a description of yourself;

3. Change the photo of your vehicle;

4. Give a description of your vehicle;

5. View other settings for your account (see Manual 'My account');

6. Save all changes. 

Library of published routes and recommended track logs

  • Only your own recommended tracklogs with MyRoute-app Mobile and your published routes are shown on this map;
  • You and also visitors of your 'Profile' can see, open and use routes and tracklogs that are published here. This also includes moments. See the manual for 'Activities' for more information.

There are the following options in the personal library:

1. Search for a place to show routes and tracklogs in that neighbourhood;

2. Filter by transport mode;

3. Filter by routes and/or tracklogs;

4. Zoom in and out on the map.

Click an icon to open the route or tracklog in question. You can then;

5. View the entire route or tracklog;

6. Close the route or tracklog again.

Embedding Library 

MyRoute-app Gold users can embed their personal library on another webpage. From your profile, this can be done as follows.

  • Click on 'Embed'; 
  • Copy the code shown in a pop-up menu to your own website;
  • Close the window by clicking 'ok'. 


Moments are shown at the bottom of the profile page.

  1. Moments: Here you can see the most recent moments in miniature;
  2. The selected photo is enlarged with the title you gave it on the left and the corresponding tracklog on the right;
  3. Load more moments by clicking here. 

Finding the profile of others

You can search for other people's profiles from any page.

  1. Click on the magnifying glass at the top right;
  2. Type a name in the search bar;
  3. Click on the desired person. The profile in question opens;
  4. You see the other person's profile and here you can click on 'Add Friend' in the right-hand corner; you have now sent them a friendship request.
    The other person receives your request on the left in the list of friends and can either approve or reject the request.