In MyRoute-app you can upload routes in almost all file formats. In this manual, you will find more information about uploading route files, route track files, and tracklogs. In our switching service lesson 2: Upload routes in MyRoute-app the same is explained in a short video. 

For uploading POI files (MRA Routeplanner Gold functionality), see Manual POI's.

Go to the Route lab and click on 'Upload'.

Next, there are several options on the pop-up screen:

1. Choose whether you want to upload a route, a route track, a tracklog or (Gold) a POI.

  • Route: A file with several waypoints between which a route is calculated;
  • Route-track: A file with a drawn route line between a starting point and an endpoint;
  • Track-log: A file with a captured line as a result of a ride. 

2. Choose for whom the route/track/tracklog is available: for everyone, for your friends, or just for yourself;

3. Indicate whether the route/track/tracklog is for driving, cycling, or walking;

4. Here is shown which file formats are supported. This differs between route/track and tracklogs;

5. Click on 'choose file' to search for a file. 

Choose a file in 'Explorer'

The computer explorer opens. Double-click on the file or choose 'open' in the explorer. 

Rename and import

6. Here you can change the filename. 

7. Click on the blue-button to import the route/track/tracklog. 

What can I do after importing?

After the import, the routes and route-tracks are shown in your route archive (Profile > Routes). Tracklogs are shown in your track archive (Profile > Tracklogs). 

Route files and route-track files

When you open a route file, the route editor opens and you can start editing the route immediately (see also switching service Lesson 2: Upload routes in MyRoute-app ). For more information about the route editor, see the Manual 'Create a new route'

A route-track has no waypoints and will be imported as a line in the route editor. You can use this route by clicking on 'edit route-track'. If necessary, change the name of the file and click 'use'. Route points will now be added to the journey. 

Tip - We recommend that you always check the waypoints carefully (see also switching service Lesson 2: Upload routes in MyRoute-app ).


You can always create a moment (photo+text) in a tracklog, as follows:

  • Click on the map where you want to place a moment.
  • Enter the name of the moment and accept it. 
  • A moment will appear and you can add a photo and text. 

  1. Click here to change the name of the moment.
  2. Click here to delete the moment.
  3. Click here to add a description of the moment.
  4. Click here to add a photo to the moment from your computer (explorer opens, choose the photo you want and click upload to add the photo to the moment).
  5. This is the icon of the moment in your route/track log.