With MyRoute-app it is possible to view multiple routes at the same time in the Route Editor. This can be useful if you are making a multi-day trip or want to avoid/include a route from a previously driven area in a new route. Read in this manual how you can show a different route in the Route Editor and how it can then be added.

Table of contents

Select route

You start by opening the Route Editor. This can be done by creating a new route or opening a route. For more information about this, read Manual 'Creating a new route' and Manual 'Routes in your personal route list'.

TIP! If you start working with an existing route, make a copy of it first. If you are not satisfied with the result, the original route still exists.

  1. In the Route Editor, you will see a sidebar on the left. Click on the three lines to open the menu. To add a route, click on 'Routes'.
  2. Then click Add to open your route list and select the route to be added. You can add multiple routes by clicking Add again.

Show route

You have clicked Add and found the route you want. Click on it and it will immediately be shown in yellow on the map.

This route is now shown as a map layer. This means that the route is only visible, but has no influence on the existing calculation.

Adjust color

When you add a new route, it will be shown in yellow by default. So if you show multiple routes on the map, they will all be yellow. It can therefore be useful to adjust the color of a displayed route.

Click on the colored square below the route shown to choose a new one from the wide selection of colors.

Add route

  1. Click on the cross to delete the route again.
  2. Click on the plus sign to permanently add the route.

  1. If you click the plus sign to add the route, you will first see this window.
  2. Choose whether the route should be added at the beginning or the end of the current route.
  3. Would you rather not add the route? Click on the cross to cancel the addition.
  4. Click on Merge to permanently add the route. The route line is now black and the duration and distance have been adjusted.