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Tracks stop recording part way through trip

OK.  I am getting a little fed up now.  I have used myroute-app to track a number of long rides and several times it has lost the majority of the track with no indication until I press the button to finish the track.

Again this Sunday I went out on a 152 mile trip.  I stopped a couple of times to take photos using myroute-app.  As I am not finding it reliable, I also used another gpx recorder to map the ride (One that includes time stamps!).  According to Myroute-app, my trip was 41.63 miles and I appear to have taken a plane across the Peak District.

This is what Myroute-app recorded

This is the actual trip as recorded by another app.  The blue section is the bit Myroute-app recorded correctly.

It also seems that although Myroute-app saves photos to the Iphone photo album, the geo-tagging data (which is present if I just use the iphone camera), is not recorded.  So all the photos I have taken within Myroute-app have no location.

I would also like to have access to gpx files with time stamps for my tracks, so I can use them to plan future routes using colour coding available in another app I use as below..  This allows me to avoid the slow sections.

I am a fan of Myroute-app Web site for planning routes but my enthusiasm is starting to fade with the mobile app.

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I used to have this issue, to such an extent that I stopped using the app for tracking. This was a particular problem in rural France as a data connection is often quite intermittent.

The tracker that I switched to (jog tracker) did not require a constant data connection as it laid down a GPS trace only, then overlaying onto a map when data was available.

Could this data free function be applied to MyRouteApp as I really like the app but tired of losing tracks or having partial tracks.

It has now become more necessary as I now have to use an iPhone which does not support Jogtracker.

The most recent version in the app store should have fixed the issue. Did you update your app to the latest version?

This still appears to be an issue.  There are ongoing examples inthe activities log including this one today -  

Which app version is this fixed in?

Yes, the fix is out. My apologies, had a lot going on this week and forgot to report back in!

The fix should occur when you update to the latest version of our mobile-app. We found out that our GPS-tracking in app happened at a 5 times higher frequency than it should have. OS X has a build in shut-down procedure for this, meaning that our iPhone users where the only ones experiencing the issue. It should work as intended now!

Is the fix out yet?

You're absolutely right. Although we might communicate it often, there is a lot of work going on behind the screen. Our mobile app for example is currently being completely overhauled, making it more similar to our web based client. Secondly we're almost finished with developing our own Navigation app for MRA. We're taking our all-in-one concept very serious as ambitious as it may be. 


It hsa been a while since we have had any posts on here about roadmapped features.  While the Web site side is really usedful, the mobile app needs needs some attention to live up to the "all-in one" reputation your are tryong to put across.  You have a great product but you also have some competition.  I like to support and evangelise great products and while I tend to buy several because they each has unique features, I suspect that is not the norm. 


We've discovered what is causing the issue and are working on a fix. Max time is a couple of days!

I'll talk with our main coder to see if he can find a solution since this is starting to look like a bug related to the app. Thank you for applying for testing if needed, we always appreciate user contributions to make MRA as good as we possibly can. As a heads up, be advised that figuring out what goes wrong in the app from a coding standpoint can be very time consuming, so it might be quite a while before we get to a fix. Once again if we need any testing help, i'll be sure to contact you (most likely through this threat)!

Kind regards,

Christian Orie 

Customer support

Hi Christian.  Thanks for the reply.  There are quite a few examples of this happenning in the public shared routes including one Michel posted on the 9th June -  

I have several GPX trackers on my phone (I love gadgets).  I have run various combinations of them simultaneously.  There is no visible correlation between running multiple tyrackers and this issue.  The reason I went back to running another tracker  in parallel was because i kept losing my long tracks on MRA.  If anything, it seems to be when I have stopped to take photos using MRA, that I get the problem most often.

Happy to perform any tests that may be helpful.


Greetings Sunscape,

On your last note: yes, yes they are! I did not get a notification our your original forum post. My apologies on this matter.

On your first note:

The application seems to have lost a steady GPS signal. When tracking check to make sure if there is a line being drawn which follows your route. Since this is not the case in your example your track ended up looking like it is. My question to you is that, since you have an example of a different tracking app, whether or not both MRA and the other application were tracking at the same time? If this is the case then the other app might have done something to the tracking process of MyRoute-app. If it is not the case then we most likely are experiencing a bug here, and i'll have a talk with our technical staff. 
The last suggestion you've made is something i'll discuss internally with our staff as well. Hopefully we can get something in the works.

Will be monitoring this threat.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Are these forums actually monitored any longer?