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Transferring routes from MyRoute on an iPad to the TomTom rider via Bluetooth or cable

Hi is it possible to transfer routes from the MyRoute app on an IPad to a TomTom rider sat nav, Either by Bluetooth or by using a connector of some description? Whilst on the road it's ideal to amend/plot new routes on the iPad but I can never transfer them to the sat nav device as I can only get them in the sat nav from a PC. If there is no way to do this are you planning to introduce the facility at anytime. Lastly thanks for a great route planer, so easy to use. Thanks David Hatton

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Hi David,

There currently is no Bleutooth export connectivity for MRA. Our data management is cloud based meaning that all the routes you create on your iPad are automatically stored to your account for PC/Mac related exporting. I can however understand the challenges of not having access to a computer whilst on the road. I can not make any promises at this time for Bluetooth functionality. However know that it is a suggestion/feature that we're very interested in adding to MRA and we are still exploring the possibilities at this time.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Hi Christian, I have the same basic question;  How can I transfer a route that I have developed whilst on the road using an ipad to a TomTom Rider (2013) V5 without the use of a PC?    Whilst a  Bluetooth solution would be great, a solution that uses the TT Rider mini USB would be almost as good.

There was a related topic raised by Tony Cox "Transferring routes from iPad to Garmin Zumo 340 LM"  to which Michael responded that there was a workaround. Currently this topic has an open question from andy 19,  asking for example adaptors and apps for the workaround.    Is a similar workaround possible for the ipad and TomTom (2013) combination? Would the  Gold app version Connector module be part of this and what type of adaptor file management app would I need ?

Alternatives I am looking at are use of an Android or Windows tablet, but I would really like to exhaust options with an ipad before I resort to this.  At this stage I do NOT want to change my Rider 2013 V5 for the latest offering from TomTom.

Hi Ian,

Good news! We've recently started our MyDrive beta for MyRoute-app. This means that if you have a MyDrive account (TomTom users) you can now login to it on MyRoute-app by clicking on 'Save as' in your route, and selecting 'MyDrive beta'. What this means is that you can now save your routes directly to MyDrive, making it (finally) possible to send routes from your tablet to your navigation!

On the 'Garmin Zumo 340 LM workaround' i'm not sure if this is true or not. Michel never mentioned it to me :)

Kind regards,

Christian Orie 

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the prompt response.

Unfortunately my understanding is that MyDrive beta won't offer a solution to transfer routes to a Rider 2013 V5.  I believe TomTom MyDrive is only compatible with the Rider 410, Rider 400, Rider 40 series and not the earlier Rider devices which use TomTom Home for file management.

i.e. Rider (2013), Rider Pro, Urban Rider, RIDER 2nd Edition, RIDER

There will be many people choosing  to use these devices for some time to come, so it would be good if a solution / workaround could be identified and shared.

Thank you for looking into this,


We'll have a look into it. But for now our priority is to properly release MyDrive first. Hopefully we got something for older TomTom devices in the future!

I am getting

"Upload failed, check you MyDrive login credentials and try again."

double, triple checked credentials.  Am i missing something?


Hi Wolf Pack,

We've had other users encounter the same difficulties. I've contacted our technical staff on the matter. I expect a server crash from MyDrive to be the cause. We're currently investigating the causes and we will be solving the issue as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Hi Christian,
I just ordered a TomTom 400.  I see that you have an export to the TomTom MyDrive, which "making it (finally) possible to send routes from your tablet to your navigation!".. which sounds very good. 

But I am not sure how to get the route stored on MyDrive to my new TomTom without connecting it to a computer.

Please understand, I don't have the Rider 400 yet, but looking at the user manuals.. it seems you need physical connection bewteen your TomTom and a computer to sync with MyDrive.  So am I missing something?  Like a MyDrive connect for connection of my ipad to my TomTom 400 via Bluetooth?  If this is not the case... and I need to connect to a computer anyway... then I can do it directly from the MyRoute-app.




I also would like to export routes from my iPad mini 4 to my Garmin 660LM.  I tried to export a route today and my screen changed to having a box in the middle that said "zip", but from there I could not do anything.  Can you please respond back with specific instructions on how to export a route from iPad mini to Garmin.  Thank you!!!!

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