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Insert a new waypoint after the currently selected one

When you insert a new waypoint, its always inserted as the last waypoint.

I want that to be inserted after the select waypoint.

In Tyre this is an option, im looking for a similair way in myroute-app.

to illustrate why i want this:

When creating a route, I always insert a handful of waypoint, to globally shape the route, or start with some points of interested that I definately want in my route.

Then I will refine my route, adding more points, adding or changing parts of the route. Always in a later stage I will add more waypoints to making sure the Gps will follow the path that I want, and most of them are not at the end of the route, but somewhere in the middle.

I know you can add them, and then change position. But that doesnt work easyly, especially if the route has quite some points. 

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Hi Ufootje,

On fire with the suggestions ;)! I agree with the improvement in usability that this could bring. The difficulty with adding a similar feature to our system is that every time you instert a new waypoint to the route a new route is created on our database (advantage= no loss when accidentally closing the route). However you've suggested adding the waypoint after selecting another waypoint. This makes it in my opinion possible for our system, but i'll have to contact our programmers on the matter.

Thank you for taking the time for your suggestion and a big thank you for also touching on the possible advantages it brings to our community!

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Ufootje.... If the route is already drawn on the map and you want to add a WP.... if you click and drag the drawn route line it will add a WP to wherever you drop it and it will be in sequence with the others. Hope this helps.  

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Video showing the above:

Video showing the above:

That is true Varareco :)! 


Yes very true. This works fine with a route with relative few waypoints.

If you have more than 30-50 waypoints, this can be very tedious.

When the number of waypoints is bigger than fits on the screen, you need to scroll.

When moving a waypoint in sequence, the view does not scroll outside the current view.

This makes moving a tedious job.

Again, if you just add one waypoint, it can be done.

But when you have a complexer route, and want to add a part that consist of 10 or more waypoints, its a lot of work.


About the saving to the database:  Yes, I have to get used to those web apps where you dont need to save your current work, and everything is saved instantly.

I prefer the good ol Save button though. consider this:

What I regularly do is (in Tyre), I have made a route. I know the total distance, it may be too short or too long for a day drive, so I want to change that.

So im looking at some alternatives- that is removing some part, or adding some part to the route, and just see what consequences it has on the route and its total distance. 

Then I close the route without saving my changes, to check other alternatives, and then finally I choose the alternative I like best.

So, the auto-save feature is nice, but I would love to see a reverse last change option  (Ctrl+Z) 

I think its good editing capabilities that will seperate this app from the rest!!

To Varareco: Sorry that your video didn't display earlier. We've changed the forum so that forum posts without links get displayed instantly. However replies with URL links in them get filtered and need permission to post first which takes some time :(

To Ufootje: I agree. I also would like to add that we finally are getting an undo button soon. 

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After watching your video a couple of times, I managed to add WP's in sequence. its already in there but just hard to find, thanks so much!!

The trick is indeed selecting a WP and then dragging the existing route, this works fine!!

This was the main reason for my Im still using Tyre and not myroute-app.


good to hear we ll get an undo funtion soon, thanks!!

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Happy to be of assistance :-) 

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