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Add Motorcyling to the Travel modes

 If I'm driving, I almost always want to get there either the quickest and shortest route.

This is quite often not the case when motorcyling, that a longer more scenic, twistier route is preferable.


1/ Please add motorcylign to driving/cycling/by foot.

2/ Please add a avoid motorways and pick twisty roads option to that.

Also why am I asked to complete a captcha when I'm logged in and premium?

I would add the option for a "motorcycle" route anyway so that people can filter other people routes. I would also use MyRoute to create car routes - which is what the "driving" category should be about.

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I agree, Instead of having just 3 choices, Driving, Cycling, or by Foot.  Remove the Driving and add Auto or Motorcycle.  This makes will make 2 type of vehicles.  Auto and Motorcycle.  Then under the Activities Tab we can search for Motorcycle routes or Auto routes.

Dave P.

Hi Ian,

There are a lot of options in order to improve your travel experience. 

With the MyRoute Gold you can already avoid motorways AND pick twisty roads! 

Simply by clicking on Toolkits you can press the Avoid highways button. 


Please try and play a little bit with all the cool functions the toolkits have to offer, im sure you will be impressed with the result! 

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens.