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Feedback MyRoute-app Navigation

Good afternoon all,


Here you will be able to post all your feedback about the MyRoute-app Navigation. I will do my best to answer all your questions in a timely manner.


Kind regards, Anthony Fens Customer Support MyRoute-app.

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Yes, I agree Stephen - whilst the MyRouteApp team talk about community and tell a good story there is not much feeling of community support - in this day and age it should be much more interactive - look after your customers and respond to [good] feedback and you will jump ahead of the competition. I'd say the window of opportunity is still there but I wouldn't count on it remaining so. Get the community on side and you could take off; don't alienate us [your best marketing tool!] with costly beta test products that fail. You may need the funds to develop but hiding the issues is not the way to win support long-term.

I was lucky and spotted it before paying, so Navigation is not part of my Gold subs. - But I'd be happy to assist with testing it in future if asked - that's a better community approach!

Dear all,

Thank you all for your comments.

We are always trying to improve the features and stability of MyRoute-app Navigation (and of course of MyRoute-app Web). Therefore, we appreciate your suggestions and that you are sharing your experiences with our products with us. 

However, we are only a small team and nothing in comparison with the huge navigation companies out there. Because of that, it may sometimes take a while before issues are solved. This does not mean that we do not register your complaints, feedback, and suggestions. So please keep sending them! This will make the products better.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

I have two requests for the myrouteapp navigation app. When i open my preplanned routes i get ALL the routes without the folder structure like in the myroute app web planner. The list is an utter chaos and i need th rename every route so that the filename says wich year, trip etc. it is from&for. Please bring us the option to view the preplanned routes as folders in the navigation app.

Turn by turn voice. On the android app you need to turn off the voice instructions every time you start a route. please give us the option to turn it off permanently.

apart form that i love it. Used it for a week ride with 24 friends in the alps this autumn. Easy sharing of routes across platforms. The routes for next year are already in the making and i recommend it to every participant who are joining my rides.

I've had the Navigation app on trial for 10 days now on my iPhone 6S+. Seems to work fine for simple A to B navigation, but using the Edit Route feature after selecting an initial destination is impossible.

Once the Edit Route button is pressed, the app displays a screen with no waypoints. I can then add waypoints as I wish and a navigation line is drawn between them but the Navigate button does nothing. pressing any of the waypoints crashes the app.

I press the Route points button and none of the waypoints I may have added are shown. The list is blank. Press done and I'm taken back to the edit screen but the route I just created is gone. 

The Nav app would be a very handy thing to have, but my experience of it is that it is very buggy.

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