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Adding POIs

There was a topic started around 2 years ago, where people were asking about the ability to import POI lists created elsewhere (rather than manually reentering here). The answer at the time was that this is a work in progress, with the last update saying work would start in April 2017. Is there any more recent update that can be shared please? This is kinda critical for me too, if I'm going to make the switch from Tyre (which would be nice to do!)

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Might be worth opening a ticket if you want a reply as they don't seem active on here nowadays.

I agree it's an annoying not being able to organise the order of your favourites or put them in folders.  

Hi All,

I understand that it is very frustrating when we tell you that something is coming a year ago, but is still not here.

Unfortunately the adding of POI's has proven to be more difficult than originally thought. 

This does not mean that it is not coming, the developers are still working on implementing this feature. 

I asked about this feature a lot to the developers, they know that there is a great demand for this feature and they are doing everything they can to implement it. 

The developers are also greatly aware of the fact that people want folders for their favorites, and that they want folders in the Navigation app. 

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance. 

Kind regards, 


Hi Anthony,

Nice to see you back on here :)

If you are listening then that is good news! 

Perhaps you could get the developers to change back the awful sidebar while you're about it!!

Kind regards :)