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Planned routes

Hi, just considering to upgrade my free account to a Gold.

I used the MRA to map 3 days of different routes on a trip to Wales recently.

It worked fine.....until we hit a detour.

Is there a way that any planned route that is detoured for road closures, can be set to re-route to the next waypoint to pick up the planned route again?

I have the settings at fastest route, and recalculation set to OFF.

I much prefer MRA to plan routes because Basecamp is so complicated and difficult to use. Having said that though, BC is better if I leave a planned route.

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Thank you for the reply. I always make sure all the waypoints are exactly where I need them to be.

I always make the map in the HERE/Garmon route as I use a Garmin device.

The problem is when I deviate from a planned route say when a road is closed. It gets me to go back to a point I missed which is on that road closure, but I want it to take me to the next waypoint on my planned route. 

If I get it to recalculate, The Garmin software just gets me to go to the end destination directly

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Hi again. Tried it out today. Planned a route and purposely went wrong. I clicked on the change route button, and it gave e a choice of skip next destination, detour, detour by distance, detour by road. I clicked skip next destination, and it tried to send me to the end point which was only a street away from my start destination.

I then cancelled that trip and started again, but took a different "wrong way" this time.

I then pressed the detour button. Again it tried to send me straight to the end destination.

Cancelled it again and started again from the start position. This time I let it get quite a way into the trip before I tried the detour by road. It recalculated and sent me straight home.

I didn't bother trying anything else as it clearly wasn't going to work.

The recalculation setting on the Garmin was set to OFF.

I am going to try and plan a route with Basecamp and try the detour buttons again to see if there is any difference. I have also emailed Garmin to see what they say. It even says on their website that the detour function, should get you back onto your planned route asap.

I will see what they say

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I'm glad it's not just me that has this problem. I'm no technical genius, but its 2019, we do all kinds of things, surely they can rectify this?

What I want, is no matter how many times I leave my planned route, is the unit detects that and sends me back to it. And if it's closer to the next point in the list, send me to that, not the one or two or three that I'd missed.

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Having read a few threads here about the shaping point issue, it seems to me that MRA staff don't actually understand the problem.

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I find the lack of being able to use shaping points in MRA makes the MRA useless to me. I also have many shaping points in my routes to keep it on the roads I want to ride on. I thought MRA was a great program until I got a Zumo 395 with limit of 29 waypoints. Noe I am forced to use Basecamp

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Right folks, I have had some luck. It's an arse about way of doing it, but it has performed perfectly all the way down through France numerous times on planned routes.

As much as I hate to say it, Basecamp is the key in this method. Don't get disillusioned just yet, read on.

Firstly, make a route in MRA using the HERE maps. Ensure you zoom right in to make sure all waypoints are on the correct side of roads or motorways etc.

SAVE IT to your pc as GPX1.0.

Open Basecamp, and import the saved file into "my collection" by clicking on FILE/IMPORT TO MY COLLECTION

Highlight the route under my collection, and lower down the left hand side is a route, and a track. Double click the route. A new window will open.  CHANGE THE MODE TO DRIVING NOT MOTORCYCLE OR IT WILL SEND YOU ON CRAZY LITTLE TRACKS

By right clicking each waypoint, you can change it to a shaping point by telling it not to alert on arrival at that point. I have the start and finish as waypoints, and all the others as shaping points.

IMPORTANT:  Once you have changed the shaping points, click RECALCULATE. Close this box then.

You then send the recalculated file to your device, and it will ask if you want to import it, click yes.

You need to have avoidances set at u turns and unpaved roads.

It sounds a ball ache, which to be honest it is. It sounds worse than it is, but It takes me no longer than approx 3 mins to do this now I'm well practised at it.

You should then find that if and when you have to leave your planned route, it WILL send you back to the next shaping point. ( if u turns were allowed, I assume it would send you back )

 I have had it ask me if I wanted to skip a waypoint a couple of times, but mostly it just recalculates me back to the route without telling me to go back to where I've just missed.

I have spent loads of time trying different ways of getting it to do this, and this finally seems to work  ( so far anyway )

In France, it routed me perfectly every time we left the route, and due to the recent D-Day anniversary, we left the routes quite a few times.

Hope if you try it, it works for you too. I use a Garmin 346

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Nigel, if I'm interpreting what is happening to you correctly, this is something you need to do on your Garmin device, nothing to do with MyRouteApp. You need to manually tell your Garmin to skip the next waypoint or shaping point (or 2 or 3 waypoints depending on how many you have on your route and how large the road closure is!). Your Garmin will then ignore the waypoint(s)/shaping points on the closed road and re-route you to the next which should eventually get you back onto your planned route.

On my Garmin device while navigating you click the spanner button in the bottom right corner, then the change route button on the pop up menu,  and then click on the "Skip next Destination" or "Skip next shaping point" depending on how you have set up your route.

Hope that helps.

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I forgot to say, that when sticking to the planned route made with MRA, and not deviating or detouring, it performs faultlessly.

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Steve, without resorting to blowing the dust off Tyre (I keep my copy well dusted...) I think you have two options with MRA:-

1. Download to your Nav VI using the GPX 1.0 option, not the BMW Navigator option. This will make all the points in your route way points rather than shaping points. But be aware that there is a limit of 29 way points in a Garmin route, any more and the route will be split into two when loading it. Not the end of the world, though.

2. Download using the BMW Navigator option then edit the route on the device, and turn the bulk of the shaping points into way points. Easy enough to do, but a PITA.

FWIW, you can save a route to disk locally as a Tyre .trf file. ;-)

Frankly, MRA's recommendation that automatic route recalculation needs to be switched off is daft, IMHO. I would never want to use my device without it recalculating for me when I wander off route for some reason.

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Nigel, use the GPX 1.0 download option - see (1) in my reply above. If you go off-route, the route recalculation will take you to the next unvisited way point using a new route calculated as fastest/shortest,. etc., as you have got set in the device for the original route (I generally use fastest)

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Spanner? That sounds like Settings from the main menu. I'm not entirely surprised it was grayed out if you were still riding? Buried deep in the menus somewhere is an option to allow you to add buttons to the main navigation/map screen. One of them is 'skip next way point'. That's the one I use. Oh, and in "avoidances", I have U-turns ticked too. 

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Finding this app a bit pointless at the moment. As will explains above, IF there are no road closures or detours it works fine. If there are then you may as well use the GPS to find a petrol station to buy a map, then use this to set your destination manually then set further dstinations as via points in reverse order using the junctions where to road numbers meet.... while having a couple of coffees... I will try saving as GPX 1.0 next to see if that enables the skip way point function on my garmin unit as this IS disabled on all programs/routes saved as GPX 1.1 JUst spent hours, neh days platting routes  with this app for a 10 day tour of Europe as it appread to be far more user friendly than that pile of crap called base camp.....only to find out that if there is a road closure  / detour I have wasted my time...yes as you may well of guessed I`m more than a little bit frustrated.

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Okay, what has occurred to me is that you may be navigating from a track which means that once you import it into your Garmin, the device will only see a start point and an end point and your routepoints in MRA shape the track rather than appear as waypoints in the Garmin, hence why when you click on “skip next” on the Garmin it takes you directly to the end point.


The way I do my routes, which works for me and the way I want to use things, is to create my route in MRA using the HERE map. I make sure I have plenty of routepoints added, using common sense to make sure that the route follows the roads I want. The MRA webinar on routepoints is really helpful to explain this


Once happy with my route I export it into the Garmin but using GPX v1.0 – This I believe treats every routepoint in MRA as an announced waypoint in the Garmin.


Then in the Garmin I use the Trip Planner to import it as a route, not the Track function.


I have offroute calculation in the Garmin set to on and fastest route selected on my route settings.


What I am effectively doing is creating a load of waypoints and asking my Garmin to calculate the route on the fly while riding. If you have enough routepoints at correct strategic places on your route then your Garmin will navigate you along the same route as you see in MRA.


This means that anytime I’m faced with a road closure I click the “skip next” button in the Garmin and it will recalculate my route to get to the next waypoint and from there on I will be back on my chosen route.


The one limitation with this is if you have more than 29 waypoints in your route, the Garmin will split your route into two or multiples of. The way I work round this is using the MRA split route function to break my route down into different legs. Eg Home to first leg stretch stop, then first stop to fuel stop etc etc. I like to stop at least every 2 hours and I find I can easily route a leg with 29 or less waypoints.


Don’t know if this would work for you? The whole thing of routes, tracks, waypoints, shaping points etc I find really confusing and have just found this way that suits me by lots of trial and error!

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Dear Nigel,

This should not be happening. It is very important that you placed every waypoint on a road, to make sure of this, you have to zoom in to every waypoint. Furthermore, please make sure that you make the route in the Garmin/HERE map.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

GPX 1.0 seems to avoid the problem - all points become proper Garmin waypoints, not shaping points which get thrown away at the first route recalculation. But that limits the number of waypoints in the route to 29 (on later Garmin and BMW devices). Or you accept that a route will get split into two or more parts when importing it initially.

As someone else has said, MRA really could do with the option, as Tyre has, to set the way-point type. Some shaping points can be useful in longer routes, but all points - really????

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