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New Auto Waypoint Skipping.

I had some problems with this today so would like to make a suggestion of how to resolve the issue.  The problem is that I like to set up a single route for an outward journey, and the same for my return journey.  This may have 2 or 3 hotel stops, so I normally put a waypoint just before the hotel location to find the hotel, and then skip to that waypoint the next day to resume my onward journey.  However it is a fairly frequent problem that despite the satnav instructions confusing road layouts mean I sometimes miss a turn.  In the past the satnav would automatically get me back on route to the hotel waypoint, via re-routing or asking for a U turn.

The problem I had today in this situation that the satnav obviously decided that I had come close enough to the missed waypoint so skipped it and started routing out of town to the next leg of my journey.  Fortunately I had read the release notes and guessed what was happening, but I had to restart the route and tell it to skip to the required hotel waypoint as it seemed impossible to make it go there any other way.  Normally this behaviour would be very useful for normal waypoints when you take a minor variation to your route on the fly, due to traffic, roadworks, etc.

However, this is most unhelpful when having problems finding a hotel.  I would therefore suggest that you should provide a way to class some waypoints as mandatory, so the auto skipping will never skip them.

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