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Inserting waypoint

This is related to the reordering of way points...  Currently if you add a favourite to a list... like "Home", it will be add to the end of the list... and moving it to a different position can be an adventure...

Should have an option to enter the favorite...  or maybe even a copied way point or set of way points from another route... into the current route, either above or below the current marked way point.

Similar to Tyre.

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Good option, we take a look of it.

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 On the same argument : if i want to move up/down a waypoint in a route it is easy like in Tyre  with the mouse in the PC version of Myroute APP ., you simply drag up/down. I'm not able to reply the same function on my IPAD and Android Tablet, it is a bug or there is a manner to achieve the same function ?

Why can't I move a waypoint up/down as in tyre, to create an intermediate waypoint.  Where is this facility in MyRouteApp?

You can drag & drop waypoint up and down.

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