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Cannot add "some" friends

 I tried to add a friend but he does not show up in my Friends list.  However when I added Daniel Luthra, it did work.  Does the friend need to "approve" the link?

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Yes, you are right, your friend have to approve the friendship.


Yes, you are right, your friend have to approve the friendship.

Hi Michel, do friends needs to be Gold members or can basic members see my routes marked for friends?

No, that doesn't matter.

But, if you make a route in a Gold map (TomTom or Here), your Basic friend see the route in the free Google Maps.

And the route can be a little different.

my friends who now have the app don't show up in the search for friends area

Hi Richard, 

It is possible that they're using nicknames instead of their real name. So ask them for their MRA names.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Service

he uses his name also he is unable to find me so maybe we have a setting blocked somehow?

I have no problem finding your profile. What is your friends' name so i can test his profile as well?

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

turns out my friend only had his first name in, all sorted thanks

How do I add a friend?

just type there name in the find people, groups and events search box below the myroute-app logo name needs to be as they have registered it. I had problems finding some but they had used nicknames

Unfortunately I have problems with finding and adding friend too
I typed into search box a name of friend and as the answer I can see only information "144 people" and nothing else. See at the attached picture


How can I choose the right person when the list of possible contact is empty??


You have tried the new search bar?


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