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Connector problem

Use the Connector. Could you make a support ticket about this problem via the "Support" page on MyRoute-app Web so we can fix this issue?

For the time being you can use the "Save as" button in the route editor to save your route as a GPX file. It then needs to but manually copied to the /Garmin/GPX folder on your Garmin 660 device.

Thanks Daniel, having followed these instructions, I have put the route onto the Garmin, however I still have a problem in that what is on MyRoute is not what then appears on the 660 as you can see on the photo attached. could you please have a look and advise what I'm doing wrong


I have a ticket, Daniel takes a look at it.

I have Surface pro, Windows environment or course and Garmin Zumo 660. When I try to export a route to the navigator, connector stops working, it says Connector has stopped working and it has to be closed etc.

Can you tell what is wrong? Previously everything has worked ok.

HI guys and I deleted or removes the export connector by mistake . How can I get it back ?... Please

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