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Lost Tracks

I have been travelling in Southern France using the Android app to track my routes.

Many important tracks appear to have been lost after uploading or saving. The tracks disappear from my phone but never appear in my history. They appear to be lost forever.

The same problem occurred yesterday back in the UK.

Also app drains a lot of battery power.


Hello Steve,

The app needs of course battery power, but no more as usual.

For long rides you need a powerbank or usb conexion on your bike.

Strange that you lost have tracks, I make a ticket for this issue, so the techical man can take a look.

can i have some time to check the myroute-app works alright on my computer before you take payment

No that is not possible, but you have 14 days right of withdrawal.

Hello Steve,

We have reboot the server last weekend, maby that solved the problem.

Please test it so much as possible and let us know if it is working or not.

Thanks again!

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It has just happened again!

Finished a track, uploaded........and it disappeared, then the app shut down.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4mini that is only 9 months old.

Could the phone be the problem?