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Created a route. Not showing in the Route lab.

Just created a route today near Cincinnati, OH USA. It is not showing yet in the Route lab. It is set to public.

I see it in my profile, but not on the route lab for all to see.


Okay, I understand, in the track libary you see only the record tracks with the app.

Hi Christian,

yes Ive looked in Tracks, activities timeline and nothing shows up.

Its a shame as it was a 5 hour ride out

It only shows recommended tracks :)!


I started tracking my unplanned route, on my iphone,  when I finished I clicked completed then clicked yes to  save but I can't find it anywhere. where would it be? there is nothing in my timeline or tracks and it is not in my routes.


Your app will not go on my phone !!!!
Nokia Lumia 820 !!!!!

Thanx Dave.



I think it might be something to do with a strong gps signal at the start? it seems to work all the time now. I see it in  my profile, routes or tracks so thats good. Next is to try and get them onto the route lab.

New to this program, So when i create a route, upload to my TTR 400, Ride the route, will it automatically save the tracks so i can come back later and connect to and it will find it?  Or do i have to do something and save the tracks?  Also how many miles will it save before it rewrites the tracks?  I have a 1800 miles 5 day trip this fall.

Sorry for all the questions, I have had a garmin gps for the last 8 years and TT is new to me.

In the Routelab you not see routes, only completed tracks with the app.

People can find your Profile > Timeline > Routes > Tracks with searching your name in the searchfield.