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Export GPX waypoints only

When saving a route as a .GPX file, it would be nice to have an option to save only waypoints and exclude the track, i.e. save only rte section, without the trk section. Same as with .ITN export.

Often I prefer to recalculate the route when importing the route into device or starting a journey, so the track section is just a waste of space.

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A gpx route is always a route with track & waypoints.

I would also like to save just the waypoints. Tried planning a 1500km ride in Finland. There are about 20 waypoints but the exported gpx file was 2MB because of the track data.

If my navigator device will use the track instead of recalculating the route, then there is no other option but remove the track data from the gpx file (with text editor if needed). I don't know because I don't have the new device yet.

ps. To my understanding <trk> elements are optional in the gpx specification too.

If you have a TomTom, you can use the TomTom (ITN) export, that will export only the waypoints.

If you export a gpx file, you always export route and track, there is nothing we can do about that, it is always in the file.

This is always my preferred option too - especially on long distance rallies your route can be relatively fluid depending on time so you want to be able to calculate different options on the road (Garmin user!)

In the most Garmins you have the choice, navigate with waypoints using the itinary, navigate with track using the track menu item.

The latest Tom Tom uses GPX files and it having planned a route, it displays just the route. I can't see the way points. In tyre I thought you had the option to export the route, the waypoints or both. I would like the option as plans change and routes may also have to change.

Hi Gregs,

This is because you are navigating based on the 'track' file within the .gpx. A .gpx contains both a track file and a route file. The route file has waypoints unlike the track file which does not have waypoints.

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