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weather function

It would be nice if when I changed units to statute miles that weather temps turned to degrees fahrenhiet.

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You can changes to miles in MyRoute-app Web > Your account.

We take a look of it is interesting you can change to degrees fahrenhiet.

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Hi, I'm in the US and we have a very large motorcycling population here. I'm in some online motorcycling groups with thousands of riders and would like to share information about your service. I read information about distances appearing in "miles" not "Km". Is this issue fixed? 

When I put the weather feature on it shows in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. When will this be fixed for us States riders?  Thanks, Dan

Yes the miles issue is fixed.

We don't like the weather option on this moment, we are looking for an another solution.

So, yes, we fix it, but don't know when, this year.

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Hi Michel,

Okay, thank you. I'm new to your app and had been using Google Maps and the Harley Davidson app. and uploading to my Garmin Zumo 660. I can see you're putting a lot on energy into making it good so I'm looking forward to trying it.

Have fun!

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