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Distance & Time Between Waypoints

Whilst creating a route and having seen how a friend's route planning program works, ITN converter, I would find it very useful if I could see the time and distance between each waypoint.

Currently, the time and distance to each waypoint is calculated and shown from the starting point only? This would be even better if the same information is shown when hovering over any particular waypoint on the map i.e. time and distance from the last waypoint as well as to the next?

One can never have too much information available when planning a route!

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We have information about time and distance on the left site.

For every waypoint you can calculate waypoint 4 minus waypoint 3 etc.

Show the distance and time for every waypoint is a lot off information and makes the programm slower.

Thanks for the quick reply, however, I think you misunderstood what I was asking for.

Time and distance are shown but only on a cumulative basis i.e. each waypoint shows time and distance from the start, not from each other.

I can manually calculate waypoint 4 minus waypoint 3 = distance and time for example but this can be very time consuming. What I meant was clicking on a particular waypoint either in the list on the left or on the map itself would then show the distance and time between the previous waypoint and the next waypoint. At the moment, a bubble will appear when a waypoint on the map is clicked on which presents several options - perhaps the information could be shown here? 

Obviously showing the time and distance from and to each and every waypoint by default would be very cumbersome and consume a lot of time, hence why I wondered if this could be shown only when a particular waypoint is clicked on? It would help a great deal when planning stops for instance.

I understand.

I will discuss it with the developer.

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I would love this too and in the form of a little bubble maybe showing the distance and time.

We take a look.

In TyretoTravel, you used to be able to select part of a route and ask it to calculate time for just that section.  This is useful when planning a tour and you need to factor breaks, fuel stops, etc.

Yes, we are going to make that.

For now you can do the math yourself.

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I am trialling this app and I am disappointed that the calculation between waypoints is still not included. It was on the old Tyre to Travel. I used it to split long journeys into manageable days.


OK, so you still have to calculate each leg of the journey. I had expected some of the Tyre functions to be on this App - in Tyre you had an option to "Calculate Section" which I used a lot.  You also had Miles as an option.

We try to implementate first the most important functions in our opinion, of course we spend at least a year to finetune everything.

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