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Michelin Maps Option

A friend was showing me a simple but effective route planning program he uses called ITN converter.

One of the most useful features of this program is the ability to select from a vast range of online maps, aside from the usual ones such as Google maps, HERE etc. One of these options is Michelin Maps which I use extensively in hard book form for planning routes. The online version of these maps can be found here

The beauty of Michelin Maps is that scenic or touristic routes are marked with a green line alongside the road, which is incredibly useful when plotting a route.

As MyRoute-app currently only has 3 choices of map which are Google Maps, TomTom and HERE, I thought it would be great if a list of other online maps could be added to choose from? I'd really like the addition of Michelin Maps in particular as this would save me bags of time cross-referencing Google Maps with the Michelin Maps book!

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We working on Michellin.

But take care, only routes in the TomTom map are exactly the same as in a TomTom device.

Same with Here > Garmin.

Tegen wanneer zouden de Michelin maps nu beschikbaar worden via MyRoute-app ?

Deze staat al online :)


I have what I think is the latest Gold version and my screen isn't the same as in this example. I don't have a Maps dialog box on the left of the map and can only choose between Google, TomTom and Garmin in the Maps box on the right of the screen.

Can you please guide me to the ViaMichelin map, please?


Soon after posting this question I explored the screen and found the various map options on the top right of the map view 'oin Create a route view'  in the 'layers' icon. Click on it and you have many different map to choose from... excellent.


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