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Transferrng routes from MyRoute-app to TomTom GO 6000

Hi, when I brought my TomTom GO 6000 18 months ago it was a "new" product and using Tyre to Travel there was no way to transfer routes...  I can't see a list of supported devices here however as I can use TomTom map calculation I would hope there is a way to transfer routes?  Thanks in advance, Peter

Not on this moment, we wait for information from TomTom to implementate the export to TomTom Go devices.

any update on this.. I have a GO 50 and would like to export my routes.

Hi Alan, I believe this is now possible, I thought the development team sent an update out in Newsletters but I can't fine it right now:-( From memory it connects MyRoute-App to the TomTom propriety web app and then to the device...  Peter

Het volgende artikel geeft hier meer informatie over!:

26. Opslaan via TomTom MyDrive

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