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 I would like to see the following features to make this an even better application.

As with tyre pro to be able to mark a waypoint as a destination, invaluble for fuel and rest stops.

Show speed limits on roads or colour code them to indicate the speed limit.

To have an undo function would be very welcome.

Better support for Co Pilot is essential when wanting to share a route.



For fuel and reststops we working on a poi database, that works better for gpx routetracks.

Why would you have speedlimits in the map?

We working on an undo function, for now you can copy a route before you change it.

We are working on our own in-app navigation.

Michel, do you think it would be possible to add in the future the ability to assigne a different colour to a waypoint signal in the MAP, instead of the blue one? Looking at the map after having create a route for more than one days, it could be useful to have an immediately view of "night step" ("first day route", "second day route") or a intermediate break (ie for lunch).
And in a following step you can also think about a more powerful system feature for a waypoint conbined with the "change colour", ie "mark as", where the option could be "Night pit stop" "Lunch stop" "Dinner" stop "etc.. with the possibility to add a notes. And giving the possibility to have a report with the list of waypoint only and the related notes (like a tour schedule, splitted per day).
Am I dreaming?


We do not change that in a short term, first things first.

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