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Ability to Combine Routes

Anyone know if there is an option or way to combine routes already saved i.e. i have a number of 'building block' routes in France and want to combine them in to one but currently can't see a way of doing this.

Also am i correct in thinking that the 'reverse route' option in the basic, free, version of Tyre is now only available in the 50 Euro a year version?

Many thanks

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You can upload routes only one by one.

Sorry, what is 'reverse route' option?

Hi Michel...
You have already added reverse route option... so that's fixed.  However combining building block routes into one route would be very helpful.  In Tyre you can mark the route points, copy and then paste in a new route.  But I can't find how to duplicate this useful Tyre feature in MRA.


Hi Michel,

I just found out myself... Feature is already there... Routes and then Add


I would like to know how to combine two routes that I have already created. Any ideas?


  1. Create a new "empty" route
  2. In the menu on the left, open the tab "Routes"
  3. Press button "Add"
  4. Then you will see a list of all your stored routes
  5. Select one of the routes you want to merge
  6. Select the other routes you want to merge
  7. You'll see all the routes on the page... you can change color of route to make it easier to visualize.
  8. Not take the route you want to start and press the "+" button and then select "Beginning"... That route will now be displayed in your default route colour.
  9. To add the additional routes follow repeat steps "+" then select where you want to merge... "Beginning" or "End"... PS: Usually "End" and then "Merge"
  10. Repeat until all your routes are added.
Hope this helps

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