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Transferring route from iPad to Garmin Zumo 340LM

I'm a longtime Tyre user and would like to use my iPad when I am travelling to create routes that can then be transferred to my Garmin Zumo SatNav. I have created routes but do not know how to transfer them. Can you help please?

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Garmin do not support bluetooth export.

For export you need USB, like the Windows Surface tablet.

There is a workaround.

Buy a USB converter and install the 'on the go app'.


I have the same question.

Please can you elaborate on your earlier response by giving an example of a USB converter I could purchase and the exact name of the "on the go app" as I could not find this in the App Store.

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I see there has been some progress for TTR users, see topic  "Transferring routes from MyRoute on an iPad to the TomTom rider via Bluetooth or cable". Is there something in the pipeline for Garmin users?

Are you able to respond to my earlier request (a month ago!) regarding the work around Michel mentions in his post?


Hi Andy,

There is definitely something in the works for Garmin users. TomTom was just the first step for us. Now as to the workaround Michel mentioned, i am afraid that this 'workaround' does not function anymore. 

When will there be a solution to connect my garmin 3590LM to my ipad - as mentioned previously it would be critical for travelling abroad - I really dont want to have to take my laptop and charger away with me 

I am really pleased with the app otherwise 







I have successfully tested a way to transfer routes from MyRouteApp to a Garmin GPS with an iPhone or iPad, a microSD card and a very small microSD reader (no laptop with USB needed).


I have written below how to do that. It looks longish but in fact it's quite easy and fast.


Here is what you need to do first (and only once):

  • if you don't already have a Dropbox account, create one, it's free
  • buy a Lexar microSD lightning card reader (€25 - €45) (
  • if you don't already have one, buy a microSD card for your Garmin GPS
  • install the free application Lexar Mobile Manager (made by PhotoFast Global) on the iPhone/iPad from the App Store
  • start Mobile Manager, select Dropbox, give your Dropbox email and password to connect and associate with your Dropbox account. When associated, you are able to see and manage all your Dropbox files from Mobile Manager
  • insert the microSD card in the Lexar reader and connect the reader to the iPhone/iPad, a popup will ask the authorization to communicate with the application Mobile Manager
  • from the application Mobile Manager, select the External Storage and create the following folder in the top of the microSD card: Garmin
  • inside the Garmin folder create 3 folders: gpx, jpeg, poi
  • signup to create a free account at Email It In This account will give the possibility to send GPX files by mail directly from MyRouteApp to the folder "\Applications\Email It In" in your Dropbox account. You will get an email address like in order to use this service.


Then each time you need to transfer a route from MyRouteApp to Garmin GPS with an iPhone or iPad and the microSD card and reader:

  • connect to MyRouteApp on the iPhone/iPad, either from the web interface or from the MyRouteApp application
  • create or choose an existing route in MyRouteApp
  • email the route in GPX format to your Dropbox account using your Email It In email address
  • insert the microSD card in the Lexar reader and connect the reader to the iPhone/iPad
  • authorize Mobile Manager to access the microSD reader (a popup will automatically ask for authorization)
  • select Dropbox in Mobile Manager, select folder Applications, select folder "Email It In"
  • click Select on top right of the screen and select the GPX file you want to copy (or move) to the microSD card
  • select Copy (or Move)  at the bottom of the screen
  • select External Storage, then folder Garmin, then folder gpx, click on Copy here (or Move here)
  • disconnect the microSD reader from the iPhone/iPad and extract the microSD card
  • insert the microSD card in the Garmin GPS
  • start the Garmin GPS
  • select Apps on the main screen, then Trip Planner, click on the menu (3 bars top left), select Import, select the route you have just copied on the microSD card and click Import (name of the route starts always with Route- )
  • have a nice and safe ride with the route you have imported on your GPS !



Nothing convoluted or difficult to remember about that LOL.


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