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Folders for Favourites?

Hi Michel,

I can see my list of Favourites is going to build up, is there any plans to add a folder structure to Favourites, similar to the folders in Routes, to manage this list?


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Yes, we going to make it, but not soon, first we make the 'big' implementations.

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Should be very nice to have folders!! 

I know you are going to make it but the meanwhile .. do you think it's  possible to have at least sorting? Up to know, if I understand, last favourite is a the bottom of the list (no key to sort). 


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We have a very, very big TO DO list and they are all important, we have to make choices.

For now we working on our own in-app navigation, implementate events and travelstories.

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Whilst I agree with those comments made earlier if the Favourites could at least be in alphabetical order it would be a great help in the short term.

Thank you.

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please add sorting for favorites 

This post is one year old now, but is there any plans with the favourite folder? Is it possible to arrange your favourites in alphabetical order and not by added order?