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Windows phone support

 As a Windows Phone user I am wondering when there will be a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile version.It should be fairly easy to port the IOS version to a Windows 10 Mobile version (UWP app) .

For more info see:


I would love to buy the gold version but only when I can use it on my Lumia 930.

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Yes, I understand, hope in 2017.

is the version for windows 10 available yet? I too have a windows 10 phone and a windows 10 laptop (which I use for running Tyre on). I too  will not buy the gold version until a Windows 10 UWP version is available.

I'm new to routing and also have Windows Lumia phone (640). A friend passed on the news that you're developing a full navigation capability, so this looks like the way for me to go. I will be happy to buy the gold package if I have a planning and satnav on my phone and windows laptop.

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