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Problem with new Garmins.


Recently I went for a ride with few friends who wanted to learn how to lead a group ride. 

To my surprise my route that worked perfectly fine on My Zumo 660 didn't work with newer Zumos (new BMW type added to new GS) and 390 I think. 

My friend put some more info here:

In short: you can recalculate the gpx in basecamp and make new file that will work OK. Tyre and MyRoute are not compatible with new Zumos :(.

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We have of course Garmin Zumo 590 here and the export is without problems.

Be sure to slect Garmin new (gpx 1.1) in the connector.

And open the route when the Garmin has GPS signal.

The problem happens when I want to share the GPX with friends. 

When I choose Save as -> GPX it doesn't give option for gpx1.1. This file will work fine with my zumo 660 but not new ones. Same when I save as in Tyre.

I have the same problem, I create a route then send it to my BMW Navigator v then when I try to set the route on the sat nav, it shows that the route structure is there but, it doesn't plan the route, and it always appears to be sending me back to the start.

I have shared the route with a friend and it works fine for him.

I thought that it may be because I added to many waypoints or pointers, I restricted these to 20 but still the same problem??.... Not happy

Try this:

  1. Be sure to slect Garmin new (gpx 1.1) in the connector.
  2. Open the route when the Garmin has GPS signal.
  3. Control navigate settings, maby it is on offroad.
  4. Be sure the distance betwee endpoint and startport is more as 100 meter.

Could someone confirm what export type to use for BMW Navigator V? I read here a lot about GPX 1.0 and 1.1 and now I see BMW Motorcycle (GPX 1.1) option too in the connector when exporting the route.

BMW Motorcycle (GPX 1.1)

GPX 1.1 and BMW Motorcycle will only create straight lines.. When using the GPX1.0 that sort of corresponds to what I plotted in the webapp.. And what I just found out, BMW Navigator V only supports 29 via points (at least when using the GPX 1.0 export function)..

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I've done some searching  and BMW Navigator V indeed supports 29 via points, and sadly there is no workaround currently. 

Only tried this on one route, but I found swapping between biking and driving modes on the Garmin which appears to force a re-calculate operation for the route which changes the straight lines between waypoints to be on roads. 

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