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Adding POIs

Is there any way to add my own POIs. I've been using TYRE to Travel and have created a POI file of American Legion Posts in my home state of Michigan that I often use in planning trips for my American Legion Riders group. I'd love to be able to have the same available with MyRoute.

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You can add your own POI's but you cannot add a premade list of POI's. The developers are working on implementing this feature.

the function of adding personal poi's is now working then? i have my own csv files with alpine passes (which i'm still using on tyre) and this is the only reason i'm not still switching to myroute. thanks

Hi - I agree that the ability to upload our own POIs is critical. I generate my POIs from other 3rd party services like Foursquare and TripAdvisor, then upload them as an overlay as I do my route planning. If I cannot do this, then I cannot plan my route.

This is the key reason why I cannot switch to MyRoute-app, and will not be able to do so until this functionality is implemented.

What would be greatly appreciated about adding (or importing) POI's would be the ability to add text comments to them.
What I'm looking for is collecting POIs' within a geographic area including comments about what to be seen, visited, noted, tested, eated... here. At a later stage, joining  a selection of these POIs' would create an ideal itinerary.
I looked for an application supporting this function, without success. Could be a real plus
Thanks in advance for considering this suggestion.


Hi all, 

We fully understand the fact that you want this update to come sooner rather than later and the team is working on it. 

Please know that we have not forgotten about this, but adding this is simply very difficult and requires time. 
I am sorry for the inconvience but once it is added the waiting will have been more than worth it :).

Kind regards. 


Customer Support MyRoute-app 

Another vote for custom POI's. I find that the commercial POI lists have lots of chain restaurants and very few mom and pop choices. I like to research restaurants and coffee shops before a trip using Tripadvisor, etc. and preload my GPS.


Looking forward to the ability to create (and maybe share?) our own POI groups. Would be a big plus.

As others have said, I like the way MyRouteApp is developing. Just be nice if it was a bit quicker!! :)

Agree with Gwallter, being able to create POI maps to share with the group I'm a member of would be really useful.

I created a map on my own profile with just a selection of POI's thinking that when I imported it into the group area the map would still show the POI's I'd added. When I opened the map in the group area it had no POI in it. Fortunately I'm an Admin so was able to delete it. 

I like the way MyRoute-App is developing. Good work guys.

While you are working on this could you also add Group specific POI list creation and import.

Possibly by copying from a personal list as it is with routes.

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Yes, it is on our wishlist, but not ready for now, we start with this function april 2017.

I second! Being able to import my own POIs would be a great help! I just uploaded a POI list of war historic locations in Europe and didn't want to create a route via ALL of them, but just overlay them on my route plan. Seems I can do that, but only with the route planned between all of the POIs, which is pretty annoying, makes it close to impossible to plan your own route, with the obsolete route criss-crossing on top of it.

This is one if two things only that is stopping me switching from Tyre, which I have used for many years now, and find very useful. I have created a number of my own POI files, and also downloaded files provided by companies like Shell and Premier Inn in the UK for example. I will often plan my route based on these POIs. No problem in Tyre, but not possible in MyRoute App at the moment. I have just visited to see if ths had changed yet, but it seems not. Hope we can have this soon, and then I would switch.

You can use our own POI database, but not yet import your own poi's, we make that later.

This would be awesome!  I currently use BaseCamp because its my POI manager.  Wisconsin Rustic Roads, Tour Of Honor, Doughboys, Lighthouses etc..  I end up creating my routes in Basecamp and then exporting them to use here.  I would love to dump Basecamp and do everything here.  

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