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hi i upgraded to gold but have not been upgraded

Hi upgraded to gold but still not been upgraded how do i get in touch with some one, if no reply today will get paypal involved


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Greetings, i have forwarded your post to our ticket system and our staff is going to take a look into your issue. 

I have paid for gold upgrade and want to use MyRoute-app on my MacBook. How do I get Gold on my laptop? It still has me as a Basic member.

Hi Mike,

This is strange, could you confirm if this is still happening by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen and clicking on my account? One of the following things might be happening: 1.Either there has been a delay in updating your profile which seems highly unlikely. Or 2. You have a different account on your laptop. Either way i checked out your profile and it shows up as a Gold member.

Christian Orie

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